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Comment: due to current trends.. (Score 1) 727

by bbelt16ag (#47718159) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'
I suspect windows will be come illrevent, free, or cloud based very soon. Android has kicked it in the teeth tablet wise, and apple hit them when it was down in the mobile phone market. the chinese makers are coming with linux variants and samsung is biting at their tail on mobile too. this market is going to take care of 99% of the leisure read/game/talk time of people. They no longer need a desktop for that. The only reason to have a desktop is gaming is a big keyboard and mouse. windows can compete with gaming on the xbox, but with stuff like linux steam and support for native gaming in linux their days are numbered. They should go like IBM and become support for legacy windows and then sell it off to some other company to die a quiet death. Then they could start to innovate and be cutting edge doing stuff like Watson or Siri stuff they already have most of the know how.

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