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by andydread (#48198741) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison
in Jamaica where I’m from the country is flooded with guns...flooded. And this is an island surrounded by water on all sides.. Guns are outright banned unless you are a politician or law enforcement. Personal gun ownership is virtually non-existent yet the country has a higher per capita gun murder rate that even the US. One of the highest in the western hemisphere. I know what I'm talking about its not a fallacy at all, in practice its a reality. They smuggle them in from the middle east and Africa where guns are ridiculously cheap. It's a culture problem. When popular media and memes glorify gun murders and guns you have a culture problem. Switzerland has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the entire world yet their gun crimes are extremely low. Again this is reality. So the idea that less legal gun ownership = less criminals with with guns is a pipe dream in the western hemisphere or anywhere where you have a culture of crime.

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by andydread (#48195701) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison
But the criminals "the people that commit the crimes with the guns" will still have guns so everybody loses except them. They will be the last to give up their guns. In the town next to where I live a murder/rapist with a gun broke into a home with a mother with her kids in her home. She called the police then She took the kids up to the attic of her home. He came up to the attic and she was able to defend herself and her kids, she shot him. It goes both ways. Banning guns won't change the culture of crime. The problem with crime is the culture not the guns.

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Well i'm from Jamaica. And like you growing up in JA i have not seen a single firearm except those in use by the security forces. I'm sure you have heard of the gun crime problem there in Jamaica and no there is not "Fast and Furious" program involving Jamaica, and no, Jamaica does not share a border with the USA however the country is flooded with illegal guns that only the criminals have because the citizens do not have the right to protect themselves because guns are outright banned. Sorry to have to break it to you. banning guns from the citizens of the USA will not solve the problem with guns in Mexico. Mexico had a crime problem long before "Fast and Furious" was ever concieved and it will have a crime problem long after.

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Well then advocate for a repleal of 2nd ammendment. Creating unconstitutional laws won't solve the problem because they are unconstitutional and will only get shot down by the supreme court. Last time I checked the constitution is that law of the land be it the right to privacy or the right to bear arms. Oh by the way criminals couldn't care less about what the laws of the land are because...well...they are criminals. If the law says you can't own a gun in USA you think the criminals will say "oh well I guess i can't own a gun then because the law says so"? The only people that would own guns are the criminals. I'm not sure I like that setup. I'm from a country where they ban all guns and guess what they have a higher gun crime rate per capita than the US and the people are left defenceless.

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Well there are 5 rabidly conservative activist judges on the supreme court and they are the majority so much for that being a "progressive/liberal" thing. Look im not for goverment whether federal or state having ability to rummage though our persons, papers and effects. But your idea that "living document" is a progressive thing is patently false. They all have their agenda and they all are activists to that agenda. Take the second ammendment for example. It says arms and does not specify what arms it just says arms to me that means all arms. Yet you have people on the progressive side that says it means a musket because that is what they had back then so i don't see where that is advocating for "living document" I think machine guns, canons and rocket launchers should be legal as per the constitution because it does not specify muskets. However Reagan banned the people from owning machine guns manufactured after 1986. So to insinuate that one side is activist while the other is not is really not thinking clearly and getting caught up in the talk-radio brainwashing that comes from the other side. They are all activist all of them on the supreme court. Conservative and progressive every one of them.

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