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Comment: young man ... (Score 1) 772

by bb5ch39t (#37072454) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Am I Too Old To Learn New Programming Languages?
I'm 58. Am I'm still learning "new" languages. In college, many years ago, I learned COBOL, Fortran, PL/I, S/370 assembler, APL, and SNOBOL. Over the years, I've added BASH shell scripting, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, ICON, Delphi, Turbo Pascal, Modula II, Erlang, Haskell. I'm not even bothering to mention Groovy and Scala as they are just basically Java variants. If I can learn new stuff, you can too. The hard part of programming is figuring out what is really required and attention to detail.

Comment: How a city can use the same tactics to raise money (Score 1) 244

by bb5ch39t (#36848180) Attached to: Share Links, Become Extradited To the US
If someone in the UK can be brought to the US for violating an US law in the UK, then I suggest that all cities pass a law stating that the maximum speed limit on all public roads in their state be set at 30 MPH. That way, for instance, the city of Dallas can ticket all highway drivers in Ft. Worth for violating the law. PROFIT!!

Comment: Re:Long time (Score 1) 585

by bb5ch39t (#36183652) Attached to: The world will end ...
"Mutineer's Moon" posited that humanity on Earth is composed of the descendants of a abortive mutiny upon a star ship. So, for all we know, we are only one planet of humanity in a galaxy of planets with human variants who have all technically degenerated. Or were spread via DNA "seeding" as I seen one scientist recommend. He says not to send people, but automated ships which can then engineer a new human race on a compatible planet via genetic engineering. "Intelligent evolution" some might label it.

Comment: Re:WEP + MAC filtering (Score 1) 458

by bb5ch39t (#35978416) Attached to: For Security, My Wi-Fi Access Point Relies On:
I have about 6 or so which broadcast and SSID. The SSIDs are 2WIREnnn where nnn is a 3 digit number. Most are WPA encrypted. One is WEP. I am not sure, but I'd bet these are AT&T wireless customers. I currently use WPA-PSK. I'm going to install DD-WRT and FreeRADIUS to go to WPA-Enterprise. Unless I go with that OpenVPN solution which I've been reading about here. I can connect the router to the 2nd eth on my main Linux box. Sounds interesting.

Comment: Re:Lunchbreaks (Score 1) 475

by bb5ch39t (#35976698) Attached to: The Importance of Lunch
Agree. The head of the IT department had a grand idea: "Let's all take the afternoon off and go to the bowling alley." When response was anaemic, I was told he exploded in fury that his "kindness" was unappreciated. For me, this would have lengthened my work day and forced me to drive an extra 10 miles to get home. Not to mention that I have such bad arthritis that I can't pick up a bowling ball or even walk well any more (old fart, here).

Comment: Lunch? (Score 1) 475

by bb5ch39t (#35976638) Attached to: The Importance of Lunch
I don't usually eat lunch when I'm at work. I occasionally get a bag of cookies and a cola around noon. Not that I could. I'm just not hungry. The thought of actually driving somewhere during lunch hour is terrifying. "At least I'm not deliberately aiming for you!" is the attitude of most drivers around here. And $4.00/gallon gas doesn't help.

Comment: Re:Too pricey. (Score 1) 395

by bb5ch39t (#35891830) Attached to: The Tablet Debate: 3G Or Wi-Fi?
I agree. I have a WiFi-only Motorola XOOM. I use is mainly at home on my WiFi. I also take it to my doctor's office and the hospital. And they have free WiFi on their premises. As do most other places that I go. I don't need to use my tablet in my actual car, so 3G is an expensive and unnecessary option for me. If I do ever need it in a no-Wifi place with any regularity, I can buy a 3G mobile WiFi hotspot device from my cell provider. Or try to tether to my cell phone.

Comment: Re:Good for US economy (Score 1) 617

by bb5ch39t (#35611020) Attached to: MS Wants Laws To Block Products Made By Software Pirates
A problem my boss talked about was a software product produced in Quebec. The technical spoke very poor English, being very fluent in French as you might expect. My boss doesn't speak French. Only English and Spanish (Mexican version). There was nobody in the office, other than in marketing, who spoke English well. Never did get the problem resolved due to this language barrier. Not their technician's fault. Not our fault. It was their marketing for selling the product in the US without bothering to tell us that support was in French only.

My point: Your support people need to fluently speak the customer's language. Not the other way around. If I want to sell software in France, I'd better learn to speak French intelligibly. Likewise for Germany, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, ... . If I can't, I need to contract with somebody who can. Again, intelligibly. Not just some low cost provider who won't be a true partner with me.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.