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Comment Meh. Fuck em (Score 5, Interesting) 519

The ad industry is killing the ad industry. When I reinstall my OS and start a browser before installing an ad blocker the web looks and sounds like complete shit.

auto start video ads and popup ads that popup about on web pages 30 seconds after you start reading an article are my 2 least favorite ad types.
Fuck em

Comment Everyone knows that... (Score 0) 107

... fewer lines means better software right? Why not write it in Python and get it down to one line. That would clearly be the best implementation.

Seriously though, has s2n been audited independently? Who has been involved in its development (Amazon and...)? You can't wheel out the line count and claim a revolutions has happened.

Comment K Bye. (Score 1) 226

[D]espite best of intentions, we made very serious mistakes. We failed to secure licenses from rights holders for the vast amount of music on the service

How is it that if I shared that many songs with that many people without authorization I'd be fined literally trillions of dollars, but they get to walk away like this? Very odd.

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