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Comment: Disgusted but not really surprised (Score 4, Insightful) 170

by bazmail (#47372569) Attached to: Privacy Oversight Board Gives NSA Surveillance a Pass
This is absolutely abhorrent. The surveillance is illegal, the NSA even admits they spy on American citizens.

The US government is not "of the people", nor is it "for the people". The intelligence services exist purely to maintain and protect dynastic power for the privileged few.

+ - Curved TVs Nothing But A Gimmick->

Submitted by Lucas123
Lucas123 (935744) writes "Currently, the hottest trend from TV manufacturers is to offer curved panels, but analysts say it's nothing more than a ploy to pander to consumers who want the latest, coolest-looking tech in their home. In the end, the TVs don't offer better picture quality. In fact, they offer a degraded view to anyone sitting off center. Samsung and LG claim that the curve provides a cinema-like experience by offering a more balanced and uniform view so that the edges of the set don't appear further away than the middle. Paul Gray, director of European TV Research for DisplaySearch, said those claims are nothing by pseudo-science. "Curved screens are a gimmick, much along the same lines as 3D TVs are," said Paul O'Donovan, Gartner's principal analyst for consumer electronics research."
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+ - Kavli Science Prizes Awarded for Findings in Astrophysics, Neuroscience and Nano->

Submitted by Scientific Computing
Scientific Computing (3664517) writes "Nine scientists have won awards for theories about the first moments of the universe, discoveries about the brain and techniques to let researchers see ever-tinier things. The winners, announced by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters on May 29, 2014, will share three $1 million Kavli Prizes."
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Comment: San Fran is a poisonous shit hole now (Score 5, Informative) 190

by bazmail (#47011299) Attached to: Could High Bay-Area Prices Make Sacramento the Next Big Startup Hub?
Full of over-entitled punks talking shit in an incestuous echo chamber. I lived there for a few months not so long ago as part of a system roll-out job. Shopkeepers, bar staff and cab drivers said they were constantly being abused and condescended to by them. Its gotten really really bad.

When the property bubble pops there, it will be sweet.

Wasn't there something about a PASCAL programmer knowing the value of everything and the Wirth of nothing?