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Comment: Re:Needs new leadership (Score 2) 325 325

What does the Netflix streaming service have? A brand name and some servers. That's it.

Technically, since they use Amazon for servers, all they really have is a brand, but that's a bit beside the point.

I like to think of Netflix as the HBO of streaming. They simply provide a single interface to get access to a mix of old and new content of varying quality. They will have competitors (maybe Amazon will become the Showtime of streaming), and there's nothing keeping the studios from going direct to the viewers (FX, or DisneyChannel).

But the studios still need Netflix for revenue the same way Disney still sells movies to Stars even though they could easily put them on the Disney Channel. Some people will only pay for one or two subscription sources, and if Netflix is still on the top of everyone's list, then the studios will continue to license them movies.

Comment: Re:and what about xerox's stuff? (Score 1) 988 988

The general consensus here seems to be: "Apple didn't invent any new features, therefore the iPhone was not innovative". Something I don't get about that: If all this stuff had been around for decades, and it was so obvious, why couldn't I buy an iPhone/Android-like device in the 90s? Why was Microsoft selling crap like the iPaq? Why were so many people using a roller ball to navigate a mouse pointer around on a blackberry? Palm even understood that the OS had to be written from the ground up as a mobile OS, but failed to see where the market really was.

Sure it was all "possible"; but no one did it, because no one had the vision to put it all together this way. ... and no - I'm not saying Apple should be able to patent it and prevent Google from making Android phones. I'm just saying it should be acknowledged that they did something innovative.

Comment: Re:Yeah well... (Score 1) 279 279

Its strange to me so many people still fall for that misdirection. The very first time he said 'the web is the development platform for the iphone' he knew he would be releasing a sdk eventually. People act as if he changed his mind, and Apple created cocoa touch, the sdk and the enhancements to xcode in a weekend.

Comment: Re:In other words (Score 1) 566 566

You wrongly assume most iPhone owners are having antenna issues, and that most iPhone owners have heard that Steve Jobs quote so you can associate satisfied users who want an upgrade with member of religious groups... and moderators decided that rather than trolling, you're saying something insightful?

Way to go slashdot moderators.

Comment: Re:True story (Score 1) 340 340

After that, the "IT guy" can use detailed instructions available on the 'net and create an installer/boot DVD or USB thumbdrive. It's easy as that!

It's even easier than that if you don't need to do a clean install. The app store just downloads the installer to the Applications directory. From there, you can copy it off to a network drive and run it from any Snow Leopard machine. No bootable media required.

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