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Comment: Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

Ignore 4k. That's a long ways off.

EVERY game on the ps4/xbone should have been REQUIRED to be 1080p/60fps.

If you can't achieve that, your game doesn't pass QC. If you can't achieve that, then you turn down some details.

Due to THAT I don't consider either a "nextgen" (eg 'current-gen') console.

For the same price I bought a PC (in Australia where we pay more for everything!) that can play titanfall at 1080p at 60fps with everything reasonable turned on. As well as every other game. No I don't run 16xFSAA, but I run 2-4x FXAA, 1080p/60 (without drops), 16xAF, and "most" settings turned on (games with silly options like "reflect your face in drops of dew on blades of grass" I turn off). All for $600 (same price as the xbone in AUS). I bought a few logitech wireless controllers and run steam in bigpicture mode on windows 8.1 And I also run xbmc for the full media thing.

I've owned every sony, nintendo, and MS (not that hard) console until "this" generation. My first console (bought with my own money) was an NES. My last consoles were the ps3/360/wii. I'm a HUGE console guy.

But for the next 2-4 years I think I'm "out". Maybe I'll return to the mother ship again :) I hope so!

Comment: Re:logic (Score 1) 202

by batkiwi (#46569647) Attached to: KDE and Canonical Developers Disagree Over Display Server

Jolla would like to know why the need for Mir when they have a Wayland compositor and window manager running on low-end/mid-range mobile devices with excellent (compared to other similar-spec devices) performance

I have no idea, and I don't pretend to. I was pointing out that the +5 rated comment I replied to was not insightful and was missing the point of the original article. It was talking to app developers, not framework/OS/etc developers.

Comment: Re:logic (Score 3, Insightful) 202

by batkiwi (#46568903) Attached to: KDE and Canonical Developers Disagree Over Display Server

They're saying that it doesn't matter to an app developer if you're using a middleware framework, as most developers do, because the eventual output on the display will be the same.

The reasons for introducing mir are performance, ability to run on low footprint devices, and cross device compatability.

So their point is that X11 vs wayland vs mir vs framebuffer vs blakjsrelhasifdj doesn't matter to a developer using the full QT stack. Their write their app to QT, and then developers on QT write the backend to talk to whatever the end user is using. It's more work for QT/other frameworks, but "should" be "no" more work for an app developer.

Comment: Re:More competition (Score 2) 239

by batkiwi (#46087953) Attached to: Nissan Unveils 88 Pound 400-HP Race Car Engine

"Everything is computer controlled from acceleration to braking and cornering"

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

None of that is computer controlled, unless you consider a completely normal car with an ECU (so any car from the 1990s onward) to be "computer controlled."

-There is no ABS/traction control/etc.

-The brakes are directly connected via hydraulic line, no computer involved

-the ECU does the same thing the ECU in your car does, tell the injectors how much fuel to squirt. It can enable fuel saving modes/high power modes when the driver selects them, but the power output by the engine must be directly proportional to the amount he's pressing the pedal.

-Computer controlled cornering? How the fuck would that even work? They're not allowed ANY sort of active suspension, and use simple direct input steering setups.

Comment: Re:Just what the nodejs (Score 2) 197

by batkiwi (#45485059) Attached to: Microsoft Adds Node.js Support To Visual Studio

It depends on what you mean by "".

Over the last 3 years has evolved from "gui controls you compose on a page with TONS of overhead" to "a lightweight framework that looks a LOT like spring". What most people who have used in the last 10-12 years think of as is basically dead. for example. Many people us this and knockoutjs for dotnet based web projects.

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