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Comment: but how are the rich gonna get richer that way? (Score 1) 271

by Cryofan (#45964825) Attached to: Give Us More H-1B Visas Or the Kids Get Hurt

remember, above all else, the USA was from the start set up to make the rich richer.

James Madison, the designer of the federal constitution, wrote that the structure of the fed govt created by the constitution was to preserve wealth inequality by making it harder for the majority to control the govt.

Don't you love the constitution?

Comment: but, but, racism and diversity is strength! (Score 3, Insightful) 271

by Cryofan (#45964761) Attached to: Give Us More H-1B Visas Or the Kids Get Hurt

get with the program--multiculturalism is COOL and if you are against mass immigration you are a bigot and probably the next Hitler.

The fact that multiculturalism and mass immigration makes millionaire investors richer is just a coincidence. Just keep saying that....Just keep saying that....Just keep saying that....

Comment: which means I could live forever... (Score 0) 458

by Cryofan (#45931393) Attached to: Why We Think There's a Multiverse, Not Just Our Universe

the most exciting consequence of this is that mankind could possibly live forever under this scenario.

That means I personally could possibly live forever.

But of course the article does not mention that.

And of course I will be the only person on this thread mentioning this.

In fact I will be the only person in the world who will put that conclusion to words.

Why is that? Why are you animals all so pattern-bound, so stuck in your rut that you cannot speak ideas for which you have not been prepped?

Comment: the college cartel propaganda offensive (Score 0) 949

by Cryofan (#36369988) Attached to: Is There a New Geek Anti-Intellectualism?

there is a growing realization that higher education, outside of a select few degrees (which have limited openings annually) is a SCAM.

The industry is striking back. The Higher Education Cartel Strikes Back! with a propaganda offensive. This is multi-billion dollar industry, one that preys on naive youngsters.


Cut their balls off and hang them on poles to rot!

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Journal: HA HA! Shithead sheeple downmodders! Eat me!

Journal by Cryofan

I have scored MAJOR positive karma with HIGH positive mods, you conformist piece of shit clinging to my bootheel.

I am the iconoclast. You are the bleating sheep whose elite-dogma ideology I crush beneath my bootheel.

Suck it up, sheeple conformists. I rule over you with my dogma-bursting comments that reap much karma....

Comment: Re:No smoking gun? (Score 1) 1325

by bat'ka makhno (#12399537) Attached to: Copy-and-Paste Reveals Classified U.S. Documents
NYPD, now that explains it. Not a bunch known to exercise restraint with their service weapon!

Read the report more carefully. The guys had never been trained to properly set up a BP and there was a good deal of confusion and stress that night relating to the fact that they had to man the BP for forty minutes, instead of the usual fifteen. Add to this the fact that these were NG troops who'd taken a fair number of casualties in their four months in Iraq and it's pretty easy to agree with the itchy trigger finger scenario.

Shit, I'd have done the same, since you don't get court-martialed for killing Iraqi civilians and it might actually save your life. A no-brainer, really.
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Journal: posts

Journal by Cryofan

Well, just got through posting 17 comments to the Jobs Crunch thread.

As usually I have received both up and down mods on many of those posts. Very interesting how a post can be modded as both Insightful and Flamebait!

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Journal: I am modded up and down in the same posts! 2

Journal by Cryofan

Many of my posts are being modded up AND down. So what it is is that my posts are being modded according to the moderator's personal politics. And it only happens to posts that are politically oriented. It goes to show that rightwing/libertarian moderators are intolerant of opposing viewpoints.

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