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Comment: Re:Ban is dumb (Score 1) 1080

by bassman998 (#41450491) Attached to: Light Bulb Ban Produces Hoarding In EU, FUD In U.S.

Finally, a useful response. The summary talks about the FUD surrounding this ban, but doesn't do anything to mitigate the misinformation. The linked article (yes, I read it) doesn't say anything about the bulbs still being available as you mention, only "manufacturers are honoring the standards and discontinuing their production of incandescent light bulbs." Can you provide any additional information about the continued availability, valid exempt uses, and any potential application or qualification process for being permitted to buy the bulbs after the ban?

Comment: What about dimming? (Score 1) 1080

by bassman998 (#41449991) Attached to: Light Bulb Ban Produces Hoarding In EU, FUD In U.S.

With a few exceptions, I'm mostly using CFLs in my home, and have no problems with them. In the majority of the locations that still have incandescent bulbs, I haven't replaced them because those lights are on dimmers. Does anyone know of any non-incandescent bulbs that are energy efficient, long-lasting, inexpensive, and dimmable? I would love to get something better into the flood cans in my living room.

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Agreed. 60W incandescents have been working great as a basking light for our turtle for years... an application that requires light and heat. I'm sure in a few years, I'll have to start purchasing incredibly expensive specialty bulbs. I'd rather keep buying incandescents, and pay an extra tax that goes toward energy research, environmental benefits, or something along those lines.

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The NSA is working away on its new "First Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative Data Center' to keep track of every last one of us.

I don't believe you. The government would never fund a project called FICCNCIDC. That's not a pronounceable acronym at all. Until it spells something clever, I'll remain skeptical.

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by bassman998 (#37334564) Attached to: Scientists Create New Type of Superconductor Wires
It's actually superconducting. From the article:

The TAU research team took the project a step farther by combining the fibers with a self-contained cooling system based on liquid nitrogen, which keeps the sapphire wire in a highly efficient superconducting state without overheating.

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I've been using the Wi-Spy from Metageek at work. I hadn't heard of the Ubiquity AirView. It looks like it's pretty competitive with the Wi-Spy -- apparently it uses the same chip, and the software has similar features. It'd be great if the AirView software had device signatures, but it appears that they're pretty receptive to feature requests through their forums. I'll definitely have to keep that product in mind as a recommendation to others. Thanks!

Comment: Wi-Spy USB Spectrum Analyzer (Score 3, Informative) 499

by bassman998 (#32726534) Attached to: Tracking Down Wi-Fi Interference?
Metageek has a few products in their Wi-Spy USB Spectrum Analyzer family. The cheapest one (the 2.4i) is $99, and the next model up (2.4x) is $199. It analyzes the entire 2.4GHz spectrum using your laptop and lets you see potential sources of interference. The 2.4x version allows you to use their more advanced software which also has device signatures -- you can overlay signal patterns of various types of devices (microwave, cordless phone, wireless baby monitors, etc.) on top of the signal density graph in order to identify what's causing the interference. I use the DBx version (2.4 + 5GHz) at work, and it's great for helping to find problems.

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by bassman998 (#31358868) Attached to: Researchers Convert Mouth Movements Into Speech
I don't own one, so I can't say for sure, but it looks like it uses the standard 1/8" headset plug. Which means that, in theory, it should work with any device that has that type of jack. Like a Droid, for example. Hmm... I've got a standard iPod touch headset sitting around. I should test it and see if it works on my Droid. Would you like me to report back with the results?

Comment: Roller Coaster kit (Score 1) 368

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As a kid, I received a kit that had pieces to build marble roller coasters as a Christmas gift. It was great for learning basic physics principles, and I was able to make my own designs and figure out why they did or didn't work. Mine was a Spacewarp kit (which are apparently still available at ThinkGeek), but a Google search shows that some other kits are Skyrail and Rollerscape.

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