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Comment: Re:Google It (Score 4, Interesting) 181 181

Damn, that's a nice program. Kudos to Brother.

It's not just Brother, just about every printer manufacturer will send you packing materials and / or a shipping label, all for free. Brother laserjet cartridges get a few points by frequently having the return label already in the box with the new one, so you just put the old one in the box, slap the label on it, and drop it in the mail.

+ - NVIDIA Begins Supplying Open-Source Register Header Files->

An anonymous reader writes: NVIDIA's latest mark of their newly discovered open-source kindness is beginning to provide open-source hardware reference headers for their latest GK20A/GM20B Tegra GPUs while they are working to also provide hardware header files on their older GPUs. These programming header files in turn will help the development of the open-source Nouveau driver as up to this point they have had to do much of the development via reverse-engineering. Perhaps most interesting is that moving forward they would like to use the Nouveau kernel driver code-base as the primary development environment for new hardware.
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Comment: Re:No media center? Windows 10 is DEAD to me... (Score 2) 468 468

It's not just a pipe dream, the Xbox One already works with most cable boxes and just recently got support for an OTA tuner. DVR capability is said to be coming this year. Plex works reasonably well with the Xbone and the PS4 (I haven't tried either one, but some friends have), but it wants a subscription (natch). The consoles also have video apps, web browsers, and the whole ball of wax. Microsoft is really pushing hard to make the Xbone the center of your entertainment 'experience'.

+ - Know your (gaming) onions->

basscomm writes: Take your average 'hardcore gamer' and ask him about the current Call of Duty or Madden, and he will probably be able to rattle off more than you ever thought was possible to know about it. Ask about games that came out five or ten years, or even longer ago, and you'll probably get a blank stare. A lot of 'hardcore gamers' today don't know or care about gaming history other than the NES was a thing, and Pong is old. We're already seeing the effects of forgetting our recent history, we don't know the date Super Mario Bros, one of the most well-known games of all time, was released, for example.
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Comment: Re:Sony playing catchup with Microsoft (Score 1) 277 277

How on earth do you figure this is a "blow" in the console war? Are you suggest that Microsoft was somehow behind this? Or is everything that gets reported on and is related to Playstation\Xbox now some sort of insidious plot to discredit one or the other console?

In reality it sounds like pure incompetence at Sony (and the same in the story you link about Microsoft) and I think when many people are affected by this sort of thing it's fair enough that it's covered on tech sites. It doesn't have to be part of some 'console war' that you parenthesize with apparent disdain while at the same time perpetuating the idea.

Or, it could have been that I was making a terrible joke.

+ - GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Affecting Hundreds of Games->

An anonymous reader writes: For over a decade, GameSpy has provided and hosted multiplayer services for a variety of video games. GameSpy was purchased in 2012, and there were some worrying shutdowns of older servers, disabled multiplayer capabilities for a number of games. Now, the whole service is going offline on May 31. Some publishers are scrambling to move to other platforms, while others are simply giving up. Nintendo's recent abandonment of Wi-Fi games was a result of their reliance on GameSpy's servers. Bohemia Interactive, developers of the Arma series, said the GameSpy closure will affect matchmaking and CD-key authentication.
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Comment: Some more headaches (Score 1) 237 237

Well, lets see here. In addition to that, I've noticed:

I can't alter my relationship with other posters (fan, friend, foe, freak) any more, so posters I like won't get that auto karma-boost as I'm reading.
I can't find any way to customize the layout of Slashdot at all. So, no more hiding stories/subjects/authors I don't like for whatever reason. Or adding custom slashboxes.
There's an astronaut next to the 'comment' field that I don't know what it does.
Metamoderation appears dead (and it no longer made any sense, anyway)
I used to have the option of adding a sweet +1 to all my posts for having good karma that apparently went away.
There's no option to post anonymously if I'm logged in.
The 'reply' function doesn't fill in my subject with Re: Parent
Links in posts no longer show the real url so this can happen again:
Fonts are a disaster
I was going to make this a snazzy bulleted list, but I have no idea what HTML is allowed

And so on, and on, and on.

Comment: Re:The good ol' days (Score 1) 272 272

Many of the games that come out now have really amazing visuals/graphics/etc, but they all lack something the old classics had. What that something is, I'm not sure. I miss Sierra games with things like Police Quest, Kings Quest, The Island of Dr. Brain. Then you had other games like Hugo: House of horrors and Hugo 2: Who done it? Dune and Dune 2. Their graphics where horrid, but those games were a blast to play. I don't know why, but those older games just seem to have more character and spirit then the games that come out now. Don't get me wrong, there are good games that come out every year, but it seems like a majority of the games coming out now are just the same things rehashed over and over with better graphics and slight variations in the story line. It's almost like the gaming industry has homogenized somewhat. Want to make a FPS, just remake Halo or CoD. Want to make an open world game, just remake GTA,. What to make an RPG, remake Final Fantasy, Kings Quest or Elder Scrolls. Again, don't misunderstand, there are games that come out that do not follow this form such as Dear Esther or Portals and are awesome. I am simply talking the gaming industry as a whole, it way different then what it used to be. The indie game scene, however, seems to be pumping out some pretty awesome stuff these days.

A lot of modern games (especially the so-called 'AAA' games) are missing a soul. They're paint-by-numbers rehashes of what's worked before (shameless plug).

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