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Comment: Linux can handle it just fine (Score 4, Informative) 467

by basketcase (#32238242) Attached to: Seagate Confirms 3TB Hard Drive

I ran into that a few years ago when I added a 4TB hardware RAID5 to my Linux server. The partition table that is made by fdisk can't handle it. I was forced to use parted to make an EFI partition table instead. It was a little different but completely doable. Took me about 2 minutes on Google to find a howto.

Comment: Action not words! (Score 2, Insightful) 95

by basketcase (#29930717) Attached to: After 1 Year, Conficker Infects 7M Computers

Are these researchers doing anything about it? Have they handed the IP lists with timestamps over to the appropriate ISPs or corporate network administrators so that the infected systems can be dealt with? Did they even put up a page where you can check yourself or your network?

Merely counting the infected is nothing but mental masturbation. Even the lame government census has moved beyond simply counting.

Comment: Browsers can solve this (Score 1) 849

by basketcase (#28471175) Attached to: Nielsen Recommends Not Masking Passwords

Since we are talking about web logins here there is a simple solution...

Most modern web browsers support remembering passwords and typing them in for you. If you are so unconcerned about security that you want your password to be displayed on the screen for anyone to see then you may as well just let your browser type it in for you and eliminate the typo problem completely.

Comment: Re:Cult #1 (Score 1) 397

by basketcase (#27823235) Attached to: The Biggest Cults In Tech

I would certainly be a member of the Palm cult. I still carry a Clie NX70V which IMO is the best PalmOS based PDA ever made. I have newer gadgets like a modern iPod but I like to keep my phone and my PDA independent so that draining my batteries playing music all day doesn't cut me off from communications and information. I might consider upgrading to a Pre when they come out but I don't really want to double my cell phone bill with a "data plan" either.

Comment: Orpie (RPN) (Score 1) 776

by basketcase (#27160879) Attached to: Favorite on-screen calculator?

I have used many GUI calculators including x48 which operates and looks exactly like an HP48GX which is the last real calculator I bought.

However, I always end up using Orpie ( I have a hot key setup to launch it in an xterm which is perfect for when you need a quick calculator.

I also like that it ignores commas in a paste so I can easily paste numbers in and out of it using standard xterm mouse buttons.

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