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Comment Re:Tethered jailbreak (Score 2) 121

The term "root" is to be understood as "administrator rights". So once you have opened the PDF or whatever your compromised phone downloads and installs another program that persists after the phone has rebooted. In turn, this program can keep sending those sms or log your data or whatever it does.

Comment Re:Some OS X projects that deserve more attention (Score 1) 152

"The MAME OS X source is released under an MIT license. However, the core MAME source is covered under its own license. It is not an Open Source license. Thus, the resulting binary is covered under MAME's license, and is subject to its restrictions."

Comment Copyright is not GPL (Score 2, Interesting) 4

GPL=! copyright. That's the first thing to understand. Copyright gives you a number of rights, such as the right to distibute the work as you see fit. By licensing the work with the GPL you don't lose the copyright (in the sense of droit moral at least) only some of the rights associated with copyright ("the four freedoms" etc). Bottom line: if the libraries are published under the LGPL you can use them in a derived work without publishing it under the LGPL, if they are licensed under the GPL you must license the derived work under the same GPL license as the original work (or a newer version of the GPL).

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