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Comment: Re:All 5 amiga users jumped for joy until (Score 4, Informative) 260

by baryon351 (#20879127) Attached to: Amiga Inc. Reveals Further Info About Amiga OS5
"OS 5 is ahead of schedule, and we will be making public announcements concerning the product in the 4th quarter of this year."

This is the man who claimed OS4 was on schedule to be released in 1999.

The release date was eventually December 2006, just days after the last licensee allowed to produce Amiga hardware lost their license.

Anyone else up for another 7 years of "It's nearly ready, really! No, we're serious this time..."

Makes Vista seem positively normal, and makes Leopard's delays look like an overnight shipping glitch.

+ - SCO receives official delisting notice from Nasdaq

Submitted by
fifteencattleprods writes "On the tail of two stories regarding possible delisting of SCO stock (reported on slashdot here, and here), today is the day the delisting process has started. Straight from SCO's own press release site, they have received their delisting notice from Nasdaq. While this doesn't mean their stock will be delisted immediately, it does mean they've come under notice by Nasdaq, and must fix their problems within 180 days, before October 22, 2007. If they don't get their stock above $1 per share for ten consecutive days between now and then, they're toast."

+ - New Amiga hardware to be released.

Submitted by baryon351
baryon351 (626717) writes "Finaly a wait is over. Amiga Inc. have announced new PowerPC hardware for running AmigaOS to be unveiled next week. First off a base level $500 design, and second a power user $1500 design. The systems have been under development for the last 12 months between Amiga Inc. and ACK Software Controls; availability and final price of the systems will be announced soon."

+ - SCO Relies on IBM-donated Servers with Groklaw

Submitted by Technician
Technician (215283) writes "SCO Relies on IBM-donated Servers to Provide Support for OpenServer/UnixWare Customers. It appears that SCO and Groklaw have the exact same tie to IBM. Does this mean that the IBM legal team is behind the anti-Linux SCO action? Aparently not any more than IBM is behind anti-SCO news. The kind folks at Groklaw have discoverd this and kindly provide an article here; 21422994"

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