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Comment: Meanwhile in the rest of the world ... (Score 1) 285

by barra.ponto (#41305451) Attached to: 8th Circuit Upholds $220,000 Verdict In Jammie Thomas Case

I'm on vacation on a place far away from the RIAA and MPAA tentacles. Walking back from the beach today I walked into a store where I could get any DVD I wanted, in a little plastic wrap with a color photocopy of the original DVD, for the equivalent of about $1.17, any CD I wanted for $1.75 Who needs napster, limewire, etc?

Comment: I don't get the rage (Score 2) 722

by barra.ponto (#36766720) Attached to: Netflix Deflects Rage Over Price Increase

I'm a long time Netflix costumer. I started with the 2 or 3 DVD at home plan and later moved on to the 1 DVD at home plan.
Sometime along the line they gave me free streaming, but it is Windows (them Mac) only. I didn't ask for it
I mostly run linux at home so I don't bother. I get the DVD, dump stream to my disk, watch it later on demand (no sharing with anyone, delete the file later).
I get 2 to 3 DVDs per week, build a huge backog, suspend my membership, resume it later.
They raised my monthly fee a couple of bucks, now they want to recoup the money for the streaming part, and they're given me my couple of bucks back.
I stopped the streaming immediately and for $9.99/month I get to eventually see 8 to 12 movies a month.
Seems reasonable.

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