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Comment In future releases... (Score 1) 245

In future releases, this single person will be able to select a subset of these drones by clicking and dragging the mouse to form a rectangle over the desired units and assign sub-group numbers by pressing ctrl-n (where n is 1 to 9) on the keyboard. The most equipped drone will also be able to pick up ancient scrolls lost in the valleys of Afghanistan which would enhance its armor and features, such as Insightful +3 for improved vision. By the way, the command center is being built within the U.S. base in South Korea.

Comment Re:Michael Foale (Score 1) 190

One could also argue that he was the first half of European commander of the ISS, and the second and third halves being Mr. De Winne, and therefore De Winne is still the first (whole) European Commander.

Or are we not talking about capsicums?

Comment I am surprised... (Score 1) 46

I am surprised that a post containing the words "SETI", "80 legs", "crawling", "computer", "spider", "farm", and "unused power" does not have the plot of Jodi Foster listening to radio telescope and discovering evil giant mutant cyborg space spiders are trying to invade earth and capture humans as batteries

Comment Re:Powerful evidence for recent wet Mars (Score 1) 179

"...humid climate not very long ago, perhaps just several thousand years ago."

Here's an interesting though of mine: What set backs have we wrought ourselves in the history of mankind, that without them we might have advanced to space age a few thousand years earlier and caught up with Mars when it was still much more habitable?

Midieval dark ages come to mind. Can you think of others? I'm discounting natural phenomena, because we couldn't help it.

Comment Oh the humanity (Score 1) 293

The sheer number of intricacies involved that are up for exploits just blow my mind, not to mention the faint awkward idea in the back of my head about uploading a picture of Knuth's reward cheque...

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