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Comment Re:Worse than the space station? No. (Score 1) 684

"And once there, water and soil could be extracted"

Don't confuse what's on the surface of Mars with soil. Soil has a huge organic content that helps it hold on to water and that acts as a pH buffer, amongst other things. The stuff on Mars is just dirt, and toxic dirt at that, contaminated with perchlorates and other salts. Once that stuff is washed out, you are still stuck with dirt. Then again, I suppose you'll have a lot of human poo to mix in, so there's your organic content.

Comment What really gets me (Score 1) 307

... is how the lunar hoax conspiracy theorists don't seem to spend much time pondering the launches of the Saturn Vs. These were very public events witnessed by thousands of people. Was each and every one of this people brainwashed into thinking they say a launch? If that seems unlikely, what exactly was going on with the 363 foot tall rockets blasting off into space if they weren't going to the moon? Why bother to build something that had the capability, and then launch it for real, but then let it hang in orbit instead of going all the way. Oh, well, the lunar hoax theorists I've run across were always idiots, I guess I shouldn't care what they think.

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