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Submission + - Google's Bosworth: Why AJAX Failed, Then Succeeded

An anonymous reader writes: eWEEK has a story on a talk from former-Microsoft developer Adam Bosworth (now VP for Google) entitled "Physics, Speed and Psychology: What Works and What Doesn't in Software, and Why." Bosworth depicts issues with processing, broadband, natural language, human behavior, and dishes on Microsoft. From the article:
"'Back in '96-'97, me and a group of people... helped build stuff that these days is called AJAX,' Bosworth said. 'We sat down and took a hard look at what was going to happen with the Internet and we concluded, in the face of unyielding opposition and animosity from virtually every senior person at Microsoft, that the thick client was on its way out and it was going to be replaced by browser-based apps. Saying this at Microsoft back in '96 was roughly equivalent to wandering around in a fire wearing matches,' he said. 'But we concluded we should go and build this thing. And we put all this stuff together so people could build thin-client applications.'...
Drawing on the lessons he learned from the initial failure of AJAX, Bosworth admonished developers to think about user activity. 'Ask what the frequency is,' he said. 'Unless an app is used over and over each day, make it simple, even if more clicks [or] pages are required.' Also, 'Ask how long it takes to execute a requested task,' he said. 'If it takes more than 2 seconds, consider not providing the task or splitting it up into small, user-controlled tasks.' Moreover, 'sites where people don't go a lot don't need AJAX-style UIs [user interfaces],' Bosworth said. 'If we started building AJAX for AJAX's sake we wouldn't be doing our customers any favors.'"
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Journal Journal: Recent means to move air molecules around

Killswitch Engage, As Daylight Dies: Meh. HJ has a really good range, comparable to the mighty Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory, but can't quite manage a proper deathgrunt, so sometimes he's screeching. Diverges into math-core at times. The single ("My Curse") is reasonably indicative of the rest of the record. Should appeal VERY MUCH to the kids looking to appear tougher than their My Chemical Romance/Fallout Boy guy-liner buddies.

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Journal Journal: Lazyweb: Gym Fees 10

When we move, I need to join an actual gym (our apt complex has a nice, albeit small, "fitness center" which I have used extensively, as well as a pool).

The pool part is covered by HOA fees for our local development (well, technically not, but ... oh nevermind, suffice it to say the pool angle is covered). What I need to do now is find a place to work out.

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Journal Journal: adherents of the repeated meme 2

Lately we have some continually repeated memes/catch phrases around here. The top 3:

1. in response to questions about one's condition or well-being, "All sex nuts and retard strong."
2. In response to ... just about anything, "So's your face!"
3. As a greeting, or all-purpose response to anything: "Let's fuck some WHORES!"

We're terribly small-minded.

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Journal Journal: CES can blow me 8

It finally occured to me that CES is a giant, masturbatory waste of time and effort. It's basically, "the A/V squad from high school have all the money now, so they make this giant thing to exclude the jocks".

It has nothing to do with reality: nothing at all. Attempts to justify it are that, justifications.

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Journal Journal: Dogfish Head 120-Minute Imperial IPA 9

120 IBUs
20% ABV
$10/bottle (regular 16oz)

That sound you hear is me shuddering orgasmically with each sip. This is seriously intense brew.

the Emperor's in the pig sty, and the geisha's in the shack, and you better believe I'll hold 'em here, until the Feds, they pay me back

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Journal Journal: made on offer on a house 15

In accordance with prophecy, the wife and I made an offer on a little townhouse in Ashburn. I'm actually digging the process: offer, counter offer, plans and plots ... the wife's a nervous wreck, but whatever.

So, yeah.

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Journal Journal: A truly great day! 7

I have achieved a HUGE milestone in my career: I made a customer cry!


(Long dreary tech support issue: It sounds like her Outlook config or PC in general is horked, and her mail hasn't been working for 2 weeks, and she decides to call today about the critical issue.)

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Journal Journal: pretty riot grrrrl

I was listening to 'Boombox' on Sirius, when some dopey synthpop thing came on. Catchy, I guess, pretty bubblegum sounding. Hey wait a minute. Is that Kathleen Hanna?

Got home, quick search. Yeah, 'Le Tigre' is her new band. It's mostly lo-fi synthpop, reasonably catchy, and of course it's all political and stuff ("womynism" and all that).

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Journal Journal: meh. 6

I'm feeling extremely "emo" (for lack of a better term) so it's critical I shut the fuck up, post-haste, else this become Livejournal.

A commune is where people join together to share their lack of wealth. -- R. Stallman