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Comment Re:Benefit to end users? (Score 4, Insightful) 446

The thing is many people confuse beinf honest and technically sound with being a raging douchebag.


You can be a super-smart, cocky A type who's done more for your project than anyone else combined, who likes to be forceful, curt and to the point AND still not be a cunt.

The fact that Linus can't manage this isn't a facet of his awesomeness, it's a glaring revelation that he is simply a great coder and nothing else.

Worship him if you must, but there's far more interesting people out there who manage to be awesome at what they do and be awesome people at the same time.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 4, Insightful) 829

It's not even about being nice, necessarily. Why the fuck would you throw away the moral high ground without getting anything in return first?

There's a time for shouting, and there's times for civil discourse. Off the top of my head, things like life and death situations would qualify for heated responses. A mailing list for a kernel? Nothing but pure ego stroking.

Comment Re:Description of Shooter (Score 1) 1148

he left (self-declared morally Righteous)

You do know correlation does not equal causation, right?

the very behavior of cis-gendered white male *is* a target

Target of what? This ain't 4chan son, gonna have to explain it using english, not memespeak.

It is considered a disease which should be fixed

Fuck does that mean?

eg. the war on boys


Submission Man Who Found Missing Dr Who Episodes Teases "More To Come"->

BigBadBus writes: In late 2013, Philip Morris announced that he had found 9 missing episodes of 1960s Dr.Who, which completed the 1968 story "Enemy of the World" and most of "The Web of Fear." He has now gone on record to talk about the only episode of these stories that he didn't find — namely part 3 of "Web of Fear" and teases of more episode finds to come.
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Groupon Is Closing Operations In 7 Countries, Laying Off 1,100 107

New submitter joesreviewss writes: Groupon is laying off about 10% of its workforce and is shutting down operations in seven countries. 1,100 people worldwide will be let go and the company will take a pre-tax charge of $35 million in the process. A Groupon statement reads in part: "Let’s be clear: these are tough actions to take, especially when we believe we’re stronger than ever. We’re doing all we can to make these transitions as easy as possible, but it’s not easy to lose some great members of the Groupon family. Yet just as our business has evolved from a largely hand-managed daily deal site to a true ecommerce technology platform, our operational model has to evolve. Evolution is hard, but it’s a necessary part of our journey. It’s also part of our DNA as a company and is one of the things that will help us realize our vision of creating the daily habit in local commerce."

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