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Comment There is no security (Score 2) 110

Seriously, it's not even an afterthought. I have worked on a publicly funded research project covering smart home and living crap. While some of it may be interesting from a tinkering with stuff point of view, most of it is creepy surveillance type of shit, like smart metering. When I raised the question of security people stared blankly at me for a second or two and suggested that it wasn't a problem at all and if ever will be fixed later, maybe.

My point is, CIOs do not make relevant security decisions when it comes to product design. No one does. It's all about marketability and cost efficiency, security is neither because it is complex and costs a lot of money. And who care? Honestly, who cares about security? It's not the vendors and it's definitely not the consumers who constantly carry their rarely-if-ever-security-updated-listening-in-and-tracking-devices and provide the world with current information about the vacancy of their homes. So again, who cares? Eventually the insurance companies might care, when some cracker remotely burned down a kitchen or flooded a bathroom or two or ten thousand.

Comment Re:And there's still a year to go. (Score 1) 309

I can't believe there's still a year to go in this process. We had our entire Canadian election in the span of a few of these debates...this seems just a wee bit out of hand.

Canadians haven't figured out that an election can be a real money maker for some influential people and a $Country's Next Supermodel for the plebs....err rest it seems.

Comment Re:Do we still believe we are free (Score 1) 140

These are our tax dollars being wasted to spy on us instead of building roads, hospitals and essential services.

They are not wasted. The money is spend to protect the people from terrorism and bad things. Of course now we have to define "people", because it quite obviously does not include all the citizens. It includes only lthe people who actually pay for this through their taxes, so they get to decide... no, wait. That's us, the citizens being spied upon. So it's the citizens who make most of the money and don't pay any taxes. If we were to accept this, it would make perfect sense to withhold proper education, a decent health and social welfare system. The taxpayers otherwise might have the knowledge and time to actually question and do something about this system.

The problem is, that far too many citizens are too occupied worrying about losing the few privilleges left will be taken away from them by mexicans, refugees, muslims or whatever fits the current agenda, depending on where they live. It has become so easy to manipulate the masses into believing any exaggerated or even non-existant threat, the few people actually deciding anything must be crying with joy.

Comment Re:And I always thought ... (Score 1) 94

Well, there are two organizations which use this acronym. One is an utterly useless bunch of bureaucrats, running the servers of one of the most successful open content projects, with no clue whatsoever about what its projects are doing or the people actually providing the content and the other is known for excellence in some areas of kitchenware.

Comment Re:Science... Yah! (Score 1) 958

That to lose weight, you have to eat less food and that this means sometimes feeling hungry.

No, one definitely does not have to eat less food or feel hungry to lose weight. One has to control for the food energy density to avoid feeling hungry, which is usually rather counterproductive when long term weight loss is the goal. See for example

Never forget that psychological factors will influence every diet and feeling hungry all the time is not the way to go.

Comment Re:micro studio (Score 1) 137

This is the wonderful thing. a single person with a spare bedroom is equal footing competition to a $100,000,000,000 studio.

Well, the single person with a spare bedroom and the camera also features quite prominently on a number of porn video sites.... I hear.

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 417

"Every month or two" is a myth. Update Pack 6 is LMDE 201303, Update Pack 7 was released in September and we haven't seen an update since.

Ubuntu became crap, ok, ish ;-), IMHO for making a couple of very unfortunate decisions, you mention some of them. I ran it on a number of systems for years, now I have to fiddle a little more since I am back on Debian. In the end, choice is good.

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