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Comment: Re:And I always thought ... (Score 1) 94

by bankman (#49016265) Attached to: The Bizarre and Complex Story of a Failed Wikipedia Software Extension

Well, there are two organizations which use this acronym. One is an utterly useless bunch of bureaucrats, running the servers of one of the most successful open content projects, with no clue whatsoever about what its projects are doing or the people actually providing the content and the other is known for excellence in some areas of kitchenware.

Comment: Re:Science... Yah! (Score 1) 958

by bankman (#48967265) Attached to: Science's Biggest Failure: Everything About Diet and Fitness

That to lose weight, you have to eat less food and that this means sometimes feeling hungry.

No, one definitely does not have to eat less food or feel hungry to lose weight. One has to control for the food energy density to avoid feeling hungry, which is usually rather counterproductive when long term weight loss is the goal. See for example

Never forget that psychological factors will influence every diet and feeling hungry all the time is not the way to go.

Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 417

"Every month or two" is a myth. Update Pack 6 is LMDE 201303, Update Pack 7 was released in September and we haven't seen an update since.

Ubuntu became crap, ok, ish ;-), IMHO for making a couple of very unfortunate decisions, you mention some of them. I ran it on a number of systems for years, now I have to fiddle a little more since I am back on Debian. In the end, choice is good.

Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 417

by bankman (#46045525) Attached to: Microsoft Extends Updates For Windows XP Security Products Until July 2015

"Every once in a while" as in every other month. I have seen no security updates whatsoever in between the update packages.

If they really customised the Ubuntu installer, did they have to rip out essential functionality?

Debian is apparently not for you and Ubuntu is crap, no doubt.

Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 417

by bankman (#45980313) Attached to: Microsoft Extends Updates For Windows XP Security Products Until July 2015

I don't do that much fiddling on LMDE, but a system for which security updates are released every once in a while is completely unacceptable. They should just call it quits. And again, what is it with the installer? What is wrong with taking/forking/whatever a very good, capable and mature installer (I am talking about debian now... ;-)) and customise it to include the mint specific stuff?

Thing is, I really like the Mint desktop stuff, but the distros are so far a joke unfortunately.

Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 417

by bankman (#45975951) Attached to: Microsoft Extends Updates For Windows XP Security Products Until July 2015

It's often easier to do a full save, a fresh install, and then restore whatever you need. My Linux Mint upgrades take about a day of work to get everything back to where I want it.

Dear Mint users, please stop calling it an upgrade when in fact you're doing a complete reinstall of the OS. I know that this idiocy is coming from the project's website ("In a "fresh" upgrade you use the liveCD of the new release to perform a new installation and to overwrite your existing partitions."), but that doesn't mean you have to use it outside the linuxmint forums.
It's only easier in case you don't use full disk encryption, which the installer still doesn't support. Why the project decided to write an installler from scratch I will never understand, and don't get me started on LMDE... ;-)

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