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Comment: Re:If only Obama knew.... (Score 3, Interesting) 296

by bandini (#32049388) Attached to: What Happened To Obama's Open Source Adviser?
Saw 'em when they came to DC. They seem pretty much exactly as they're being portrayed - or else they go to great lengths to conform to the 'bunch of cranks and racists' stereotype. In which case I want to congratulate whoever it is that's in charge of making sure every single sign they hold aloft has misspelled words and/or crudely expressed bigotry on it.

Nielsen Recommends Not Masking Passwords 849

Posted by timothy
from the *****-****-**-******** dept.
Mark writes "Usability expert and columnist Jakob Nielsen wants to abolish password masking: 'Usability suffers when users type in passwords and the only feedback they get is a row of bullets. Typically, masking passwords doesn't even increase security, but it does cost you business due to login failures.' I've never been impressed by the argument that 'I can't think why we need this (standard) security measure, so let's drop it.' It usually indicates a lack of imagination of the speaker. But in this case, does usability outweigh security?"

Comment: It's a Cosmic Cube (Score 1) 265

by bandini (#24765653) Attached to: Space Cube – the World's Smallest Linux PC
There's already a wiki page for it: From the summary:

"A Cosmic Cube is (usually, but not always) a cube-shaped matrix that holds vast energies that are responsive to the wills of sentient beings."

Yup. And:

"A sentient being can use a Cosmic Cube to manifest its thoughts as reality, and thus to accomplish virtually anything it desires."

Sounds like my Mac Mini!

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