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Comment: HTTP Proxy (Score 1) 284

by bambewn (#39476831) Attached to: Getting the Most Out of SSH
I had forgot about this for a while due to VPN shenanigans, but tunneling your web traffic through an SSH is a great way to secure your web sessions if you don't have a VPN setup. I have also found that using Cygwin/SSH to secure your RDP can also be pretty boss if you have to work on M$ machines from remote very often.

+ - Office Decoration Predicament

Submitted by bambewn
bambewn (2588841) writes "I have been asked by the company to choose some decoration for my new office. I can go with any theme really, and the budget is not an issue. The only problem is that I have no idea where to find nerdy decoration things that I like. I checked ThinkGeek, and the Googles, but there is nothing that stands out. I even thought about getting a giant Cisco banner to hang up to be obnoxious. Anyone on slashdot know where to get neat paintings or wall vinyl? Any suggestion are greatly appreciated!"

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