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Comment: Re:God (Score 1) 683

by ballylama (#25819811) Attached to: Science's Alternative To an Intelligent Creator

I think this a very sad sentiment. Faith answers nothing - why would it? Its just something you have accepted to be true without any good reason (by definition of faith). It is frankly very stupid to say that "what you feel in your heart" has some significance!! Why not just say "I don't know - no evidence has given me reason to move to any conclusion".

Your assumption that faith is contradictory to reason is false. What leads an individual to their particular faith beliefs is completely reasonable to them. Those that accept despite reason struggle to hold onto their faith.

Hardware Hacking

CC Companies Scotch Mythbusters Show On RFID Security 466

Posted by kdawson
from the next-comes-guns-and-money dept.
mathfeel passes along a video in which Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage recounts how credit card companies lawyered up to make sure the Discovery channel never, ever airs a segment on the flaws in RFID security. "Texas Instruments comes on [a scheduled conference call] along with chief legal counsel for American Express, Visa, Discover, and everybody else... They [Mythbusters producers] were way, way outgunned and they [lawyers] absolutely made it really clear to Discovery that they were not going to air this episode talking about how hackable this stuff was, and Discovery backed way down being a large corporation that depends upon the revenue of the advertisers. Now it's on Discovery's radar and they won't let us go near it."

Real programmers don't write in BASIC. Actually, no programmers write in BASIC after reaching puberty.