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by ballpoint (#45705785) Attached to: Want a FPGA Board For Your Raspberry Pi Or Beagle Bone?

If you want a smaller form factor than the ZED board, there is MicroZED.

Be advised that working with Xilinx tools, be it ISE/Planahead or Vivado, redefines frustration to a whole new level. While the actual Zynq hardware is decent, the development tools are a bl*ed s*g p*e of s*t full of bugs and undocumented 'gotchas' that chews for hours before throwing up a diarrhea of incomprehensible error messages and/or generate an unworkable result.

Xilinx support is laughable, you will at best find very cryptic hinglish that may or may not be related to your problem but certainly does not do the needful.

Make sure to charge by the hour when contracting, or when you're in the other seat, take out a big liability insurance against workers going postal or suing you for mental abuse.

Crassly stated, but there's a ring to it.

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by ballpoint (#45705767) Attached to: Want a FPGA Board For Your Raspberry Pi Or Beagle Bone?

given xilinx's history in the past, whats the toolchain situation?

in the past i've had to deal with license servers, multi-thousand dollar licenses, being locked into windows,
having to reverse engineer internal formats because the tools wouldn't work for me, having day-long
synthesis/test cycles because their routing was so abysmal, etc

admittedly I'm an old fuck, so thing may have changed

i scanned the page, but they dont seem to say a single thing about tools.

  what the situation?

No that much has changed. The good is that there are free Webpack editions for certain chips. The overwhelming bad is that the long cycles and the unexplainable bugs are still there. It's easy to lose 50K$ on needlessly wasted engineering time over the course of a single project.

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by ballpoint (#45247769) Attached to: 8 US States Pushing For 3.3 Million Electric Cars

10 m2 * 150 W/m2 * 8 h/day / (150 Wh/km) = 80 km/day. (*)

That covers the average commute quite nicely some of the time. In winter or inclement weather, not so much.

Still, the smugness of travelling gratis - abstracting investments - is seducing.

(*) Conversion to other units, including but not limited to BTU, miles (your pick), square feet and 1/32nds of a fortnight left as an exercise for the reader.

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by ballpoint (#45026953) Attached to: Asian Giant Hornets Kill 42 People In China, Injure Over 1,500

Of course ... the chances of ... being killed by one ....

Some people probably thought the same thing when the first Asian carp and the first Asian ladybug were spotted on this continent.

And even now, the chances of getting killed by an Asian carp or ladybug are a million to one, but still, they come.

Would you people stop playing these stupid games?!?!?!!!!