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Comment: Just one channel, but great library and content (Score 1) 35

by SuperKendall (#49803685) Attached to: Android, Chromecast To Get HBO Now

Sure, it's HBO, and sure they have some stellar in-house programming; but it's one channel.

Not exactly - because it's not just "HBO Now", but also "HBO Then".

That is to say, you aren't just getting current seasons of stuff like Game of Thrones - you are getting all the seasons they aired. Plus things that aren't even airing that were great - like Rome. Plus many more somewhat-current movies than Netflix has (although to be fair Netflix has a small number of near-current movies I actually like to watch, whereas almost none of the movies HBO listed were interesting at all to me).

That said I may just subscribe during Game of Thrones, then cancel again... it'll be interesting to see how I feel at that point.

Comment: Re:Doesn't get it (Score 1) 293

So why not, instead of teaching these 11 year olds computer programs i.e. clear, concise, logical instructions to machines, we teach them to give clear, concise, logical instructions in general? If an 11 yo has a mind that is wired to program, it's going to be impossible to stop him, if it isn't you'll probably turn him off for life; unless by programing your talking about Logo which the kids would love, but learning a Lisp dialect at that tender age could very likely make learning procedural languages more difficult later in life.

Comment: Re:Essentially yes, you do (Score 1) 342

by SuperKendall (#49796611) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier

Hahahaha more powerful than having the source code,

Do you never tire of beclouding yourself?? I suppose not...

On iOS, you can easily change the OS AND APPLICATIONS.

On Google you can only change easily what you have source for, which is the OS - not applications.

So I'm pretty sure even the most addle-braned can understand one is greater than two...

I leave any response to your own fevered mind, I shall not read it.

Comment: Large change with app permissions (Score 4, Insightful) 82

They talk about how it's a stability release, but if you are going to compile your application with the newer dev tools you are going to have to do some work adapting to the iOS style permission model.

I'm really glad to see Android adopted this model, the previous model made no sense from any standpoint - it was worse for the users, and worse for security. Now that Android will ask for permission when you actually want to use some protected resource, they can make a way more informed choice if they should allow it or not - and on the fly decide an app can access some things and not others (say allowing Contacts but not location).

It's just a shame the older style permission model will be supported for some time to come, as it greatly eases the ability of spyware to operate on Android.

Comment: 20% to 40% ??? No. Just no. (Score 5, Insightful) 554

by fyngyrz (#49793209) Attached to: How Tesla Batteries Will Force Home Wiring To Go Low Voltage

To avoid the 20% to 40% power loss when converting from DC to AC

...they're doing it wrong. DC to AC conversion is easily achieved in the high 90% range. For instance, a typical solar inverter is around 95% efficient. And you can do better, it just gets more expensive (although that's a one-time cost, whereas energy loss is a constant concern.)

Someone is pushing some other agenda here.

Comment: Still awesome (Score 1) 415

by fyngyrz (#49793145) Attached to: What AI Experts Think About the Existential Risk of AI

Sure. Did it to myself decades ago. Offspring of my genetic line aren't of the least bit of interest to me; perfectly happy raising kids of other birth who needed parents (5 so far, mostly excellent results.) Plus that whole "all the bareback sex with my SO we want, any time" thing is awesome.

Which, again, is just how I approach feline guardianship. Don't need new kittens from them. Plenty of kittens out there that need to own their own human.

Comment: Essentially yes, you do (Score 0) 342

by SuperKendall (#49792249) Attached to: The Tricky Road Ahead For Android Gets Even Trickier

Oh? So you have the source code? Snicker snort.

Your ignorance is no laughing matter.

Because of how easy Objective-C is to pull compilable headers, and how easy it is to extend any class and override any method (swizzling), you have everything you need to change ANY app or system process even though you don't have all the original source code. It's lots more powerful than just having source code for the OS and not apps...

Its' really too bad you can't understand how much more powerful this is to actual hackers.

Comment: Re:They are just going to end it all. (Score 1) 147

Dude If that thing spawns an "Earth eating black hole" living next door to it would be like about Mars. What everybody forgets is a blackhole has conservation of mass, charge and angular momentum, so a blackhole whizzing around the LHC ring would act pretty much like every other thingy whizzing around with the same mass, charge and angular momentum. Even if the blackhole escaped the ring, it would only be a blackhole as long as it's energy was high enough to maintain it's event horizon; that energy is dependant on it's velocity, which is a vector involving speed and direction! Yeah that's right a quantum blackhole can un-blacken if it collides with another particle and loses energy, it can un-blacken through Hawking radiation and it's only black if your close enough to it's direction of travel.

Comment: Re:Which string theory? (Score 0) 147

Imagine a "theory" with a bunch of adjustments. So many adjustmentrs that no matter what happens, there is some adjustment that canm be made such that it "retroactively) predicts it. That is string theory.

The big problem with string "theory" is that it predicts everything and so, nothing.

String toolkit might be a better name. It is just that, a bag of parts and tools that might one day be used to construct a theory that predicts something in particular.

So your saying that Climatology is a sub-discipline of String Theory?

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