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Submission + - SourceForge wraps open source software in adware

An anonymous reader writes: "SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements."

Comment Re:We need hardware write-protect for firmware (Score 1) 324 324

Aren't most motherboards sort of like this now? They come with a dual bios, one of which is read-only. If something happens to your writable bios, you boot from the read-only and copy it over to the writable bios, and then reboot from the writable one.

Comment Re:Hmm, maybe (Score 1) 213 213

That site... it's hurting my brain. I don't know whether to laugh, or cry, or huddle in a corner and start sucking my thumb. Carbon HDMI cable

There are significant, audible differences between HDMI cables. We're not sure how this is possible, since HDMI is purported to be a purely digital interface, however, the sonic differences are repeatable and consistent from system to system. A better HDMI cable makes a better digital audio cable, period. This is as true for music as it is for movies.

Comment Re:Automation is your friend (Score 1) 136 136

One thing this chart doesn't take into account is how many other people would find the automation useful. That changes the calculation significantly, especially if it is something that could be sold to others.

However, for this particular question, the number of other people who would use the automated solution is likely zero.

Comment Re:Size (Score 1) 324 324

Disclaimer: I could probably be classified as a Google fanboy, but I do not own Google Glass.

I think these types of arguments are silly, because they take an already existing issue and then pretend that Glass is the only cause. Seriously, look around the next time you're in a restaurant. There are always people pulling out their cell phones to snap a picture of their food or friends, and of course people they don't know will be in the background of the photos. This is really what you're worried about with Glass? This already happens.

Do you think that the problem will be worse with Glass? If so, why? And how much worse?

Comment Holy Shit (Score 1) 190 190

Who gave Bennett unlimited mod points?

Let's take a look at comments modded as Troll in past Bennett articles:

2014 Geek Gift Guide 2 comments marked Troll, both of them by Bennett

An Algorithm To Prevent Twitter Hashtag Degeneration 5 comments marked Troll, 3 of them by Bennett

Clarificiation on the IP Address Security in Dropbox Case 1 comment marked Troll

Big Talk About Small Samples 2 comments marked Troll, both of them by Bennett

Debunking a Viral Internet Post About Breastfeeding Racism 0 comments marked Troll

We Need Distributed Social Networks More Than Ello 0 comments marked Troll

An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man 0 comments marked Troll

Now look at the mods on comments in this article - 40 comments have been marked as Troll. And most of them are comments badmouthing Bennett. Slashdot, you have some 'splainin' to do.

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