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by balaband (#47078519) Attached to: The World's Worst Planes: Aircraft Designs That Failed

Seriously, you are going to tell the pilot: "ok you have to spend ALL of your fuel before you land...because if you don't it will burn all of your skin...that is, if you are lucky not to catch fire". At least kamikaze pilots didn't have doubt about their plane flying them to death.

As for Valkyire, for a plane that costed more then 10x its worth in gold it should be expected operational use, not the gathering of "aeronautical data". No mather what was the change in military doctrine, after building working prototypes, couple of more planes could have need used for fast-response operations. If you think that is unreasonable, I will remind you that sr-71, plane that had similar flying characteristics, but much lower cargo load was in use until 1998. Which brings us to real reason - plane had problems: pieces of intake flew into the engine, wheels would lock up on landing, and electric currents where causing corrosion of the plane damaging the structural integrity. One of the problems that Concord technicians noted was difficulty in maintaining 2 internal engines...I can only imagine what would they say about Valkyires 6. The one prototype that survived was limited to 2.5mach speed because the honey-comb panels wouldn't really sustain 3+mach speeds.

Tomcat? Best time-to climb performance? No. Manuverability per size? Hell no. Phoenix missile was awesome, but plane doesn't take credit for it. For its service best plane that it took down was MIG-23...which is on this very list of "fails". For the way it looks, the plane is pure pornography, but for anything else...

And are really going to defend that one? The one that can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run?. The one that its cost is in the trillions? Seriously? Don't need to google, just check slashdot for the list of fails here, here and here it has been already discussed in the detail.

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Already mentioned Komet probably tops the list. Although revolutionary design, and only rocket-powered plane ever built it had some serious issues - both fuel and oxidizer where really toxic and highly flammable, so slightest problem with landing could be fatal (and when you look at the construction I can imagine it was anything but easy to land).

Also, (these will be a definite karma burners) to two of the probably most beautiful airplanes that ever flew, but failed to show their promise:

Valkyrie , 6-engined supersonic bomber, 2 prototypes built (which remained most expensive prototypes to this day), run on special boron fuel, and although the icbm lobby had much in its project cancellation, it failed to convince its worth.

Tomcat, plane favored in the Top Gun, was expensive both in building, maintenance and operations, and although it has some combat record, never really showed itself on the battlefield (also, it was rumored that variable-geometry wings, due to its construction, were never perfectly aligned which presented problem in-flight)

Just remembered: how come nobody mentioned this one?

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Actually it is more than just you.

1. People who hate to change their phone. One little thing broke? Replace and continue. Even if it is a main board, changing this part will be cheaper that changing whole phone (and if you made a image of your phone, just flash the image and bam - proceed like nothing happened).

Getting use to new phone, buttons and layouts is stressful to most users. I know if you told my father he can have a phone that will serve him for the next 10 years, he would love it.

2. People who will want upgrades. Your screen is not full HD? Buy replacement screen, keep this one as a spare. You still have the same phone that you got use to, just it rocks a bit more.

But my favorite:

3. Phone hacking enthusiasts: You all probably know about Neo900 project by now. Imagine taking Neo (or some other open-source supported) main board + modules from this project. Now you can install Tizen (or whatever it is called these days)/Sailfish/Ubuntu/FirefoxOS and have high quality phone with the environment customized to your choosing.

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