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by bakana (#28973267) Attached to: Bing Search Tainted By Pro-Microsoft Results
Even if you are surprised why is this a story? They are a business that owns a search engine, so #$@#$ what if they bias search results, what else would you expect from any business. This is just simple MS hating at its worst. I understand MS isn't the best thing out there and many, so called, geeks love their unix or linux distros but come on. Would this even be news if it weren't MS? Just stupid.

+ - multi-touch open source initiative

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ifakemyadd writes "An open source initiative has started to develop software and hardware for multi-touch user interfaces. These techniques were widely made popular by the Jeff Han videos, and apple iPhone. Development currently seems focused on homebrew devices which use webcams and software based blob detection. OS development priority currently seems to be Windows, followed by OSX, and finally Linux.

Devices, including Han's (which will be publicly available through the company perspective pixel) use OSC typically implemented over UDP. Most users use VVVV and Java to generate the OSD data from webcams. There is also touchlib, a C++ library for windows.

With Xql in the works, will the multi-touch open source initative catch on in the linux dev world, easily realizing the Han desktop utopia for the end user? And with linux development, will the multi-touch open source translate into increased open source used in embedded systems? The thought of multi-touch devices besides apple's iPhone quickly entering the market via open source initiatives is an invigorating thought, especially if it encourages business to adopt open source practices"
Portables (Apple)

+ - Another Macbook Fire

Submitted by dsgfh
dsgfh (517540) writes "Unfortunately for apple, another Macbook has gone up in flames over the weekend. Apparently not part of the original battery recall, the machine in question was in standby mode on a bookcase, plugged in to charge when it ignited at 3 in the morning. _Poses_New_Safety_Questions/1173715199 BTW... where's the Fire Breathing Batteries topic when I submit a story?"

+ - Parallelize Application for Faster Linux Booting

Submitted by IdaAshley
IdaAshley (666) writes "Linux can serve as a client desktop or server right out of the box, a flexibility that slows its booting process. This article shows you options to increase the speed with which Linux boots, including two options for parallelizing the initialization process. It also shows you how to visualize graphically the performance of the boot process."
The Internet

Broadband Providers' Hidden Bandwidth Limits 443

Posted by kdawson
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An anonymous reader sends us to the Boston Globe for a story that will come as a surprise to few here: broadband suppliers will cut you off if you download too many bits. It tells the stories of several Comcast users who were warned — without specifics — that they were using "too much" bandwidth, then had their accounts summarily cancelled. Looking into the future: "...even if only a tiny fraction of customers are downloading enough to trigger the policy, that will probably change as more entertainment moves to the Internet."

+ - Can you beat the virtual skeptic in a debate?

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Sextus_Empiricus writes "

Here's an excerpt. Can you do better?

************************************************ *****

Skeptic: So tell me, David, what are your views on Mathematics?


Skeptic: Well?

David: Mathematical truths cannot be disputed.

Skeptic: You mentioned something about truth. What does it mean for something to be true?

David: For something to be true it must correlate with all other parts of a system.

Skeptic: Please justify your claim that for something to be true it must correlate with all other parts of a system.

[ David has reached the suspension of judgment. He is now tranquil. ]"

+ - Using Google Earth to see destruction

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "On Monday, an environmental advocacy group [Appalachian Voices] joined with Google to deliver a special interactive layer for Google Earth. This new layer will tell "the stories of over 470 mountains that have been destroyed from coal mining, and its impact on nearby ecosystems. Separately, the World Wildlife Fund has added the ability to visit its 150 project sites using Google Earth."

+ - STS - Slashdot Technical Support?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I love Slashdot even though I don't have an account. And I know that I am not alone in either respect :-)

I would actually like to suggest a feature for Slashdot that I think is a good idea. There are many question and answer support sites for different technologies, Linux distributions, programming languages, database server software, you name it.

Wouldn't it be cool if Slashdot had one for everything under the sun? I've been Googling my ass off trying to find an answer to an NFS problem with no success. I am thinking of of a page with different categories and subcategories for users to post questions about whatever is bugging them.

Maybe answering and resolving other users questions could count for karma, registered users could create categories, etc...

Maybe it's already been suggested but anyway..."

+ - 10 Best IRC Clients For OSX

Submitted by
The Foo
The Foo writes "The first step in joining the IRC community is to find a suitable client that fits your needs in design, usability, price, and stability. Some advanced users may want more of an old school design that reminisces days of command line chatting. If your new to the game, you may want something with a nice design and layout that feels more modern..."
Hardware Hacking

+ - The Incredible Shrinking Engine

Submitted by Somnus
Somnus (46089) writes "In the latest issue of MIT's Technology Review , researchers describe how they can dramatically boost engine output and efficiency by preventing pre-ignition, or 'knock:'

... Both turbocharging and direct injection are preexisting technologies, and neither looks particularly impressive ... by combining them, and augmenting them with a novel way to use a small amount of ethanol, Cohn and his colleagues have created a design that they believe could triple the power of a test engine ...
Why didn't I think of this?"
The Media

+ - new media art project

Submitted by
Claudia Vess
Claudia Vess writes ": An interactive ART NEW MEDIA PROJECT by

                Philip Kohn, Thomas Edwards, Brian Judy, and Claudia Vess
                1021 7th St. NW, WDC


CAFE HOURS: M-W 5-11pm; Th 5-12pm; F 5-1pm; Sat 12-1pm; Sun 12-11pm. MON 5pm — 11pm
CONTACT: email:

Ever wished you could talk back to an "interactive" video kiosk ?
Your 2 Cents is an interactive kiosk that you can cozy up to.
An animated talking head will ask you questions about current issues,i.e. "Do you think smoking should be banned from the streets too?" The interviewer not only records your answer, but after you give permission, plays it back — of course, with a little twist. Recorded interviews can be seen on the kiosk screen. Whatever your answers, the effects are amusing. See smoke coming out of your ears as your answer about smoking is played back. Some of the questions are serious, some call for your acting ability, and some ask for your predictions about the future. The project is amusing and a harbinger of art to come.

Your 2 Cents builds on work the artists exhibited at Artomatic 2004 where they met. Philip Kohn, an imaging research scientist at NIH developed facial tracking software used in the playback that enables the computer to add effects to your image. The computer was built by Thomas Edwards a robotic artist, engineer and founder of DC Dorkbot. The interviewer is animated by computer game and fine artist Brian Judy. Development and content is contributed by conceptual/installation artist Claudia Vess.

The computer was built specifically for this project which is funded is part by a New Media grant from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts DC Commission for the Arts."
PC Games (Games)

+ - 9th Annual Independent Games Festival Winners

Submitted by
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard writes "Held on the 7th of March at this year's GDC, the 9th annual Independent Games Festival (fondly referred to as the Sundance of the games industry) has seen its acclaim reach the highest levels to date, and helped to promote a wealth of indie gaming delights. Gameworld Network was on hand to report from the festival, and has a nice three-page summary of the winners, along with some YouTubed gameplay videos to show the winning titles in action! From the article:

"Pocketing a tooth-achingly sweet $20,000 for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, the Bit Blot duo of Derek Yu and Alec Holowka (who attained a respectable level of infamy after their previous work on the hilarious, hyper-violent parody game, I'm O.K.) have caused nothing short of a sensation with their underwater, illusory adventure, Aquaria. Taking on the role of Naija, an isolated mercreature, players explore a hand drawn fantasy world teeming with surreal life in a uniquely fluid, mouse controlled, non-linear gaming experience.""

Let's organize this thing and take all the fun out of it.