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by bagorange (#46672483) Attached to: Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis

That and being frightfully English.

Cricket might not even be the second most popular sport in England. (Association) Football a clear first, then either cricket or Rugby (but which kind of rugby??)

Vastly more popular in India, Pakistan, Australia and the West Indies / Carribean

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Further, not knowing an idiom does not make one illiterate.

Perhaps it isn't evidence of illiteracy, it is certainly evidence of a lack of reasoning ability.

If you cannot use context to make a decent guess at what some non-obscure words mean, this is laziness. Or stupidity

The context being discussed was work-related and the phrase was "downing their tools".

If you don't recognise "tool" as the noun that describes the item one uses to perform a task, and cannot see that "downing" might mean "putting down" then you have limited ability in what you claim is your native language. (Or are very tired, or drunk, or you forgot your reading glasses)

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by bagorange (#46552063) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming
I always find these kinds of responses to be far too close to

"It is impossible for you ever to be right. Your privilege allows me to judge you by any chracteristic I choose. Your wrongness is axiomatic"

The only acceptable response by anyone with any possible privilege, is to "check" that privilege and if unwilling to apologise for deviating - leave the space.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

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Uh, median household income is $67,348

The United States 2012 census found 2012 median household income to be $51,371 . Allowing for a quick estimate of inflation, you are wrong by 20%.

So, it seems that you argue publicly by relying on false information, and starting every comment with "Uh".

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Someone who chooses to live in the most expensive place possible cannot complain if they don't have enough money left over. They should move to somewhere less expensive.

Welfare queens can't live in expensive places, and neither should people with million dollar houses who claim to be in the "squeezed middle"

Comment: Re:How does it make sense for rich people ... (Score 1) 300

It's a loophole to make sure a bigger share of your estate lands in the hands of your heirs, rather than in federal pockets.

NO. It's most likely a term life policy that will pay out enough (on death occurring within a certain time period) to cover inheritance tax bills, thus avoiding the need to do things like sell property.

It is a very common thing to do amongst the wealthy enough to worry about inheritance-tax. It's often done to allow beneficiaries who can't earn money (e.g. because of age or childcare responsibilities) to pay a possible inheritance tax bill.

Comment: Re:We need to stop big tax dodgers useing loop hol (Score 1) 300

He has $200k equity in his home, and has saved $800k towards retirement.

Your concern is that those who are literally millionaires are not getting a fair deal? There is some serious inflation going on in your notion of "middle"

government to force the sale of his home

It is very common indeed for the wealthy to take out term life policies to hedge against inheritance tax.

If you are in the inheritance tax-paying class and you didn't know this, get better financial advice.