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Comment Re:Buying a car (Score 1) 455

Surely lots of people get a different car when they feel like a change rather than when they run the present one into the ground, especially people who are buying new or nearly new.

If it takes you x years to get fed up, then it takes x years. Whether you start from brand new or from 2nd hand in good condition

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

If they are constantly checking said phone, then you have a point. Checking a phone once, for one of many possible good reasons, doesn't bother anyone reasonable who has a normal adult ability to focus their attention.

I am bothered by the zero tolerance attitude displayed by people who are simply looking for something to complain about.

This chain of "exclusive" cinemas is catering to their pettiness.

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

To state it again, logically - Inability to focus attention in adults is developmentally abnormal. That is a medical fact.

Your demand for fully adult attention and sobriety is bizarrely hypocritical. If you go and see films for adults you will get that anyway. Teenagers and the ill-mannered that you so despise don't want to see "boring" films, do they?

You want teenager films without the teenagers.

Claiming serious minded adulthood while consuming children's fantasy films and feeling good about yourself for it would be a very good example of cognitive dissonance.

Finally, I despise the gated comunity, private members attitude that you want to bring to a trip the movies.

The only reasonable justification for these rules (other than marketing) is that it's much easier to enforce zero tolerance, rather than prohibit the genuinely annoying.The marketing is the main part, exclusivity justifies a price premium to many who want to feel special.

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

If they only wanted to consume the content, they could wait for it to hit video

Not so. The "big screen" (bigger than the biggest TV) is one of the appeals, is it not?

Solely to grief people with your device?

You see, developmentally delayed types like you consider brief and very infrequent checking of a phone without talking to be intolerable. It's unfortunate that you cannot focus your attention. You are free to attend your bizarre members club.

I don't need it, because I don't have a taste for adolescent films while hating adolescents.

It might be that the only way to guarantee to stop excessive use is to prevent all use.

I haven't really ever been annoyed by phones in a cinema, ever.

We might also be generally more polite in my part of the world, with less need for the cinema equivalent of the gated community.

FYI, I always turn a phone off when I go to the cinema, but there are myriad reasons why someone might need an alert. On vibrate, of course.

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

saying "be polite to other patrons,"

The problem is you and your kind are attempting to define "Be polite" as, "your presence must be literally undetectable at all times." I am happy to avoid places frquented by such asocials.

right to ignore the rules of a property owner

Did you read the post? No you didn't. I made reference my happiness that people with undeveloped attention skills like you have a separate venue. Have never been there, will never go there. Typical 6 year old children can pay attention in the face of moderate noise, under sixes might still be developing these skills. Are you 5?

No reasonable person has their blood boil because a person two seats away got their phone out, read the text on the lock screen and put it away promptly.

Here's your cognitive dissonance -

"I am a proper grown adult who can be silent for 2 hours, but I still watch films with explosions and ass-in-lycra, so I need a special place that shows me these adolescent films but bans young people."

If you go and see films for actual adults, there aren't any noisy people in the cinema. For me these country clubs for hipsters are redundant

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

Feel free to watch children's films in your private members- country-club cinema. Films actually for grown-ups don't have noisy people in attendance anyway, so I'm not bothered.

people are annoyed by cellphone use of any kind in theaters,

Correction, some people are annoyed by any use at all. A larger number are annoyed by consistent or repeated use. The ones with zero tolerance have something wrong with their ability to direct attention. This is a skill that children typically develop by age 6, provide they don't have special educational needs. Maybe you do.

Is that how you got this way? I've heard that strokes can cause brain damage which can lead to alteration of personality.

Unfotunately for you, I have some education about brain injury, traumatic and acquired. Brain injury patients have difficulty with attention and have only single channel attention sometimes. Perhaps it is you, sir who have disabilities?

No matter, there is a business catering to your minority needs. Stay there with your autistic friends. The ones who need library silence while they watch CGI superheroes, at the same time claiming to be mature grown ups.

Comment Re: Battery Life (Score 1) 376

I have no points for this thread. I cannot believe any idiot would mod this down.

There must be a hell of a lot of shills here, or the computer enthusiast asocial autism steretype is what appeals to slashdotters in these country club cinemas.

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

people who think they should be able to break the property owner's rules and annoy other patrons because "reasons" isn't?

I have never and would never set foot in their business.

A cinema shouldn't be like the Athenaeum or the New York branch of the Harvard club.

As an adult, I no longer find children's or teenagers' films entertaining. So when I go there aren't any tiresome noisy, horny 15 year olds.

I just checked listings for this chain. This adults only, highbrow-respectable establishment is showing Godzilla and that Tom Cruise mech warrior bollocks. These are children's films.

For some reason you feel the need to keep paying to see Iron Man pt (x+1) but feel old enough to shout "get off my lawn" at any detectable humans.

As I have said before, there is a minority busioness catering to you and your kind. Good luck to you.

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

Even Rocky Horror Picture Show sells out. ...... Saturday night?

There's famously a cinema in London that did just that for literally decades.

It was full of people dressed up and making lots of noise.

You and your kind would have hated it.

If you want to cam, text, chat, or other things, there are plenty of theaters.

Yes there are, and country club snobs like you will drive me to them.

But why waste time replying to AC

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

Perhpas 4.30 is 1 minute after the film finishes, so I need to leave as soon as the film finishes, and the North side is not the normal side for driving home?

As stated before the snobbery from people sticking up for this chain is really funny. If you avoid children's films there aren't noisy children there, no matter what kind of cinema.

For some reason you are still going to Crash Bang Wallop Heroes Fly Through the sky in Lycra in your late 20s or 30s???

"Oh yeah, man. Such mature themes."

Comment Re:Alama being sensationalist again... (Score 1) 376

Here's my snooty reply to your snobbery:

The reason cinemas are awful is that they are full of superhero nonsense, over and over again. Adults have no business going to see these films, unless they are taking their children.

If you go to films for adults, there will be no noisy teenagers and you can see a film in peace. The last "mainstream" film I remember really enjoying at the pictures: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It was self-selectingly free of noisemakers. As for your fragile, delicate attention, you are in a minority. You have a favourite business that caters to you and your picky friends.

Just as a I prefer a relative minority choice of film and choose cinemas that are naturally free of noisy fools because, for example, those people are allergic to subtitles.

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