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Comment: Stats (Score 1) 1

by bagofbeans (#47765089) Attached to: Fukushima Thyroid Cancer Data released

The average (presumably meaning mean) tumour size is completely irrelevant. What would be useful would be a chart showing individual tumour size. If weighted toward the small size, the cancers are more likely to have been initiated by recent events, e.g. the fallout.

Also, my understanding is that that the ultrasound should be able to identify tissue mass discrepancies down to 2mm dia. Again, small tumours are where the interest lies. So why not?

Comment: Transparent misunderstanding (Score 1) 1

by bagofbeans (#47748237) Attached to: Transparent Solar Collectors May Replace Conventional Windows

After reading TFA, it appears that the author thinks that 'transparent' means clear to the eye, as opposed to tinted. It's a measure of how much of the desired spectrum passes through, i.e. the transmissivity.

"Completely transparent" means 100% transmissivity. Sorry mate, not available.

Besides, TFA describes the action as deliberate internal reflection of some incident light to the sides, so the transparency has gotta be worse than the intrinsic material, since some light is forced to not pass through.

A useful discussion would have been the tradeoff between window transmissivity and power per unit area...

Comment: You are probably correct... (Score 1) 106

by bagofbeans (#47736561) Attached to: Securing Networks In the Internet of Things Era

..but in 30 years. Meanwhile, the toaster manufacturer needs Granny to be able to but and use it without explicitly pluuging in a network or configuring anything.

So IOT devices will have to have wifi sneak capabilities, always trying to establish a wifi connection. They can continually try to crack encrypted wifis.

It will be an interesting household with a few dozen nodes continually spamming the aether trying for connection.

Comment: Re:noone trusts their cya legalese (Score 1) 134

Just curious, but have you ever actually read a 'chinese news media report'? I certainly haven't. I suspect your comment is merely your nationalistic prejudice rearing up defensively.

IMHO, it's western governments that publish spin (i.e. lie, or mislead, or obfuscate). The (ex-)communist countries simply don't allow anything to be published about politically controversial issues.

+ - Canada Introduces Privacy Reforms That Encourage Warrantless Disclosure of Info->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Earlier this week, the government introduced the Digital Privacy Act (Bill S-4), the latest attempt to update Canada's private sector privacy law. Michael Geist reports that the bill includes a provision that could massively expand warrantless disclosure of personal information. Organizations will be permitted to disclose personal information without consent (and without a court order) to any organization that is investigating a contractual breach or possible violation of any law. This applies both past breaches or violations as well as potential future violations. Moreover, the disclosure occurs in secret without the knowledge of the affected person (who therefore cannot challenge the disclosure since they are not aware it is happening). Consider it a gift to copyright trolls, who won't need the courts to obtain information on thousands of Internet users."
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+ - Texas public charter schools teach creationism->

Submitted by SeattleGameboy
SeattleGameboy (641456) writes "Slate has a fascinating expose on teaching materials used by one of the largest public charter schools in Texas. Not only are they disputing evolution and teaching creationism, but they also twist world history, denigrates feminism and sexual orientation.

With so many tech companies basing their operations in Texas, on wonders how you can find enough workers with critical reasoning skills."

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