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Comment Ah, but... (Score 1) 188

...the US postal service has strong law protecting the service and customers thereof from tampering, misuse etc.

Interception is also non-scalable.

None of this is true for internet comms. If governments can push citizens to use the tubes for all their comms, research, media, then the automated analysis will make picking out and tracking any type of person from child-molester type criminal threat to MLK or anti-TPP-organising political threat very easy.

Comment Yup (Score 5, Informative) 46

Per EFF:

First and foremost, without a statute or court decision giving this voluntary policy the force of law, there will be no consequences if law enforcement agents flout its terms and continue using Stingrays as they haveâ"without warrants. With only this policy shielding us, thereâ(TM)s nothing keeping warrantless Stingray evidence out of court, and therefore nothing to deter agents from behaving badly.

Comment She ain't competent (Score 1) 1

We don't claim to find everything. That fact still doesn't justify a customer reverse engineering our code to attempt to find vulnerabilities, especially when the key to whether a suspected vulnerability is an actual vulnerability is the capability to analyze the actual source code, which - frankly - hardly any third party will be able to do, another reason not to accept random scan reports that resulted from reverse engineering at face value, as if we needed one.

I strongly suspect that "the key to whether a suspected vulnerability is an actual vulnerability" is testing whether the binary performs the vulnerability. The code shows the exact details of why, but then the diagnosis is probably pretty obvious from the vulnerability (bounds check, etc).

Comment The perfect system to spy on citizens (Score 1) 1

Wi-Fi Aware devices go through a unique process of discovery and synchronization, establishing a common 'heartbeat' that enables very power efficient operation. Devices form clusters and exchange small messages about services available nearby, enabling immediate discovery.

So if every household has one Wi-Fi Aware device, it will be a massive mesh spy network.


Right now it's possible to blacklist one's TV in the router by MAC address, so it can stream AV but not phone home to the internet.

With this technology, it will be a twinge more difficult to stop the invasion of spying appliances from carrying out their tracking missions.

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