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by Mashiki (#47804541) Attached to: Hackers Behind Biggest-Ever Password Theft Begin Attacks

Interestingly enough, Google will also request 2-step verification if you have a mobile number up and you're logging in from another part of the world. A few months back someone tried to log into this gmail account; it was blocked automatically. They then tried to reset the password and I got a sms challenge on my cell. It's also smart enough to know that if you've been one place before, it's likely you as well. I regularly head to the far northern part of Canada, very few ISP's and broadband. The first couple of times it gave a sms challenge, the last two times I've been out it hasn't.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Six

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I woke up about quarter after seven, and Destiny was already up and had coffee started. "Hungry?" She asked.
"Yeah, I am. Did we even eat dinner last night? Did you tell the robots to start breakfast?"
"No, I wanted to try something new for breakfast and wanted to see what you wanted to eat first. You know I'm a history buff, well, I found a really old recipe in the computer called a

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by Mashiki (#47789503) Attached to: Islamic State "Laptop of Doom" Hints At Plots Including Bubonic Plague

Not only that, a guy is decapitated by a british speaking terrorist. The timing was just too good, specially because it helped to move the public opinion away from Israel/Gaza. Coincidentally, the moment Hamas stopped getting press they basically surrendered.

You haven't really been paying attention to the stuff that's been on-going then. It's similar to the people who don't watch what the jihadi's are doing then say: "but he was such a nice neighbor," after they found out that ran off and committed a suicide attack. Hell Jawa Report has been tracking the guy they suspect for at least a year. As a point, they were also instrumental in nailing several dozen other terrorists or want-to-be terrorists to the wall who are now spending time in federal prison.

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by jon3k (#47779305) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?
One Netflix stream = 5Mb/s = 0.625MB/s * 60 seconds/min * 60 min/hour = 2.19GB/hour

150GB / 2.19GB = 68.5 hours of HD Netflix per month. That's a single user, assuming it's not a family of four, five, etc.

That comes to 1.3 hours per day of Netflix. That doesn't include any web browsing, gaming, nothing else just a SINGLE Netflix user.

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