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Comment: Re:above, below, and at the same level. ZFS is eve (Score 1) 366

by badkarmadayaccount (#47900825) Attached to: The State of ZFS On Linux
Except that LVM is a PITA, mixing with RAID makes it even more so, and the RAID is unaware of the actual used space, making RAID 5 or 6 very expensive, not to mention it cant assist FS level checksumming with restoring individual blocks, you need to fail the whole drive. Implementing network transparency at the block level is inefficient, but no other FS has ZFS connect functionality.

Comment: Re:Do the math (Score 1) 338

by badkarmadayaccount (#47744169) Attached to: New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W
I'm from Bulgaria. Yes, there are such situations, and usually the craziest people come precisely from there, even if they are not all that religious. Discouraging such situations should be government policy, it will save lots of money from mental health services, or it would if the government actually provided any. This place is a shit-hole, it's neighbors are as well. Don't come here unless you are buying a retirement home, on vacation, or want to get a good price on whores and drugs due to exchange rate.

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