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Comment: Re:What Risk, where are desktop users going to go? (Score 0) 362

by badatnicknames (#41031419) Attached to: Is Windows 8 Microsoft's Riskiest Bet?
If you look at it from Microsoft's point of view Windows 8 makes plenty of sense. They gain tablet and phone market shares by leveraging their desktop monopoly. Further they will finally be putting antivirus companies out of business by integrating it into the OS and strongly encouraging Metro apps (They're making it as hard as possible to run unsigned applications. Before they had that support only in IE). They also improve the security of their OS by locking it up and making it a walled garden. They convince developers to pay them for releasing applications that they could release for free before.

Comment: Re:Actually... (Score 0) 186

by badatnicknames (#40720941) Attached to: Higgs Data Offers Joy and Pain For Particle Physicists
Like you said there can't be multiple true faiths that conflict with each other. There's only 1 Bible that's the most widely available book which contains explains fully the past, present, future. It is also scientifically and historically accurate and contains fulfilled prophecy. In the Bible God tells you what happened, what he's doing about it, and what the result will be. Also there's only one hearer of prayer that would care whether people want to listen to him (Psalms 65:2, 2 Chronicles 16:9). If you pray to him with sincerity for guidance and he answers you by helping you understand his Bible and learn more about him that would certainly provide evidence.

Comment: Forcing Metro (Score 0) 484

by badatnicknames (#40330231) Attached to: Windows 8 Pre RTM Metro UI Leaked
Well Microsoft is trying to force everyone to like Metro. They probably think if they can make the desktop look more bland the metro UI might appear a little more appealing. However, it goes against their plans for Windows 8 to have a software rasterizer to allow gpu poor machines to run Aero. Ideally that is what they should have done for Vista. That way there would have been less outrage about not being able to run Aero on Vista compatible PC's.

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