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Comment: Re:Question here. (Score 1) 147

by badass fish (#36765080) Attached to: The Hidden Evil of the Microtransaction
Why yes i played and enjoyed a tower defense game on FaceBook . It was a great game that was very challenging early onand then it turned ugly because it became unplayable without resorting to overpriced (not so)micro transactions. $200 USD to buy a superior tower,tower upgrade gems ($2.50 USD)that have a 75% failure rate(i believe they are breaking interstate gambling laws here)and workers who only last so long. it got so bogged down it took all the fun out and i never went back, A little research turned up the fact that the game was owned by some LLC Trust fund in CA which explains the greed.The big fail here is i would have paid $40 dollars for an fully playable buy in the store version;but i refuse to be bled by corporate leeches.

Comment: Our Flower Overlords. (Score 1) 248

by badass fish (#36757228) Attached to: Scientists Breeding Super Bees
Let's face it we as primates are in a symbiotic relationship with our food crops and well the bees too. We have evolved together in a symbiotic triangle. To the point that to insure future generation of species of plants that ensure life as we know it; we will go to almost godlike lengths to preserve the bees that insure the next generation of flowering food plants. This means that we cant get along without them;but if we did not pollute the environment,and put bees in numbers to insure cross-infections of hives the plants would get along fine without us. Making them the top of the triangle.

Comment: Ruined by greed. (Score 2) 111

by badass fish (#36632938) Attached to: Current Social Games Aren't Fun, Says MUD Co-Creator
I was recently cured of social games by the micro payment craze. A very nice tower defense game on an unnamed social network was completely hamstrung by the fact that to advance at a decent rate you would be charged about $2.50 for a upgrade gem which might work or might drop your tower level back multiple levels. Also after doing some basic math i found out they had an option to buy a new type of tower for $200. dollars no that's not a typo. Now don't get me wrong it was a great game that i would have purchased for 30- 40 dollars for a full version but to be constantly used as an ATM by devs was unacceptable and encouraged me to drop social gaming all together.

Comment: Star Seeds (Score 1) 181

by badass fish (#36179880) Attached to: 'Homeless' Planets May Be Common In Our Galaxy
I have always believed that there were "rogue" planets that if they wandered into a different gas cloud or system than their nursery would act as a seed for stars. also if we have learned anything is that jupiter and plus sized planets usually have many moons associated with them. lets say a large rocky planet passes thru a gas cloud, it could easily attract enough matter to become a jupiter class planet.

Comment: Re:This is not what gaming should be (Score 1) 597

by badass fish (#29766871) Attached to: Computer-Based System To Crack Down On Casino Card Counters
I believe there would be a constitutional rights violation challenge against the casino of they actually implimented such a plan. The casino produces a "deck" for play it should be finished as is, When they discriminate based on actual cards that have been played and reshuffle in their favor the odds tip heavily to the house. Also what happens to"luck" at this point some people are just lucky if you have ever sat down next to someone who has no clue what card counting even is and breaks the house by chance that person if ejected would have been discriminated against. Electronic foreknowledge of the deck tips the odds to much and i believe the government would step in on the side of all players versus the few players who can count.

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