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Comment Re:Fuck you Very Much, Disney. (Score 2) 614 614

It doesn't matter that the handoff is a mess because the mess never escalates to the point where it impacts the executive layer. The decision makers just beat on middle management and the new group to "make it happen". And it must work in the end, because if these sort of takeovers, which we know are an absolute mess, regularly resulted in any sort of serious negative business impact then I doubt they would be happening.

Comment Re:what is there left to buy? (Score 1) 289 289

Average vehicle lasting 500k? Door lock motor outlasting owner? There is clearly some disconnect between engineering and manufacturing, or you guys forgot that the lock mechanism consists of more than just the motor and one of those other parts lasts about 4 years.

Comment Re:PHP is fine (Score 2) 182 182

If you write a good foundation of libraries and classes you'll need a hack like APC to get any decent execution speed. It also sucks at memory utilization. Everyone likes to link to that "fractal of bad design" article, but it's pretty much just a bunch of whining. Here's a real article that just plain hurts, it has to do with PHP's memory allocation:

Comment Re:I choose MS SQL Server (Score 1) 320 320

Seriously? You think a clustered, 2 site license only runs $100K? Why are you even responding when you clearly have no idea what the pricing is. I assure you, it's NOT a drop in the bucket. Your pricing for the application side is equally clueless, except in the other direction.

Comment Process management, PG versus Mysql (Score 1) 320 320

One thing very relevant for discussion, that I didn't see mentioned here, is how connections are handled across the different RDBMS. PG still uses one process per connection. This can make its memory utilization grow substantially under high connection counts. Oracle and Mysql don't suffer from this issue.

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