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by bad-badtz-maru (#48021889) Attached to: Amazon Forced To Reboot EC2 To Patch Bug In Xen

You are right, I am failing to adequately communicate what I am saying. That a transaction can be retried is a byproduct of the atomicity requirement that a transaction fills. Retrying a transaction, because there is an ongoing problem with the database system dropping connections, is a sloppy hack.

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I love this:

>> Searching for records first goes to the "safe" side. If no records found use legacy system. if the system consists of a single query, so the solution is simply to scan the new system and then the old system. Versus the reality of ten bazillion queries and thousands of database tables.

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by bad-badtz-maru (#47271079) Attached to: US Wants To Build 'Internet of Postal Things'

No, they are not qualified, and the project wouldn't be done internally. The USPS is a treasure trove of outsourced, poorly-implemented half-done years-late projects, such as Flats Sequencing System and eInduction. The whole entity looks like a gigantic money funnel to companies like Northrup and Accenture.

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And it's these 400 customers who demand delivery tracking. USPS performance is inconsistent across facilities and they are always pulling tricks like "unload incoming bulk mail and let sit for 2 days before doing an inbound scan". Those 400 customers want to know why a percentage of their multi-million-dollar bulk mailing arrived in the mailbox after the sale was over. That's what drives the tracking initiatives.

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