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ThreadJack: Best Chrome add on ever...

"...In one, 360W [ legal limit of power output of an amateur radio station in the United Kingdom]
  PC GPU Nvidia Geforce Fermi 480 peak power consumption
  was applied continuously, and in the other, 930W [ peak output power of a healthy human (nonathlete) during a 30-second cycle sprint at 30.1 degree Celsius.]..."

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If you don't have a youtube downloader in your browser, it's because you don't want one.

Amen. I personally do not block ads just yet because I mostly visit sites like Reddit, /., Techdirt and some of the Twitch streamers that benefit from be consuming their content.

Besides, randomly, Reddit will thank me for not blocking ads and give me a pat on the back. Whatever. It's Something!

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Actually, the elephant in the room is "Sick of the Drama". I'm not exactly sure what happened, but generally the 'drama' machines didn't come out until the end of expansion (because of being bored). Until then, people were working together, getting stuff done.

The drama machine for some reason didn't die down between Cata and MoP. MoP has been filled with nothing but trolling and fuss.

That's why I stopped. No one wanted to really play anymore, they just wanted to be crummy to each other.

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Last night when I was playing with the Grandson, every time I attempted to use my phone to record, he was too busy looking at his reflection in the phone in my hand than he was at my eyes and face in which he was babbling at just prior to me trying to record him.

So far, that is the only use I have personally witnessed a use for.... besides maybe a handful of tech troubleshooting issues that could not be seen unless the picture was taken at the right height.

My problem with the whole thing is the same reason I have padded around in life without glasses at all....anything sitting on my nose will be endlessly adjusted until the screw for the ear piece falls out and the glasses fall apart.

I wouldn't mind them for watching Netflix/Hulu, but I would have the same problem I have now with my tablet..unless I'm laying flat on my back I won't be able to properly view the screen and still be comfortable. (in the case of the tablet, my arms get sore holding the darn thing then I do this stacking of pillows and blankets on my bed to prop the tablet up so I can watch The Daily Show laying on my fell face down again and paused the show...and look, now it skipped to commercial just because it fell face down....ugh....)

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Yea, but the computers fall under the active directory permissions controls, and the software we install on the work stations don't have the same "give all permissions to the Devs" that apps have been broadly given.

I haven't seen a tablet yet that we can shoehorn into our existing system. It's almost time for us to look around again tho. We haven't done any "new fangled device testing" since December.

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Ah! How many different types of Steel Rods were they making? The understanding of the challenges of high volume manufacturing (making 30,000 of one washer) vs job shop type environments (making 10 of this latch) is lost on most people. I have worked in high volume, low unique part shops, and in low volume, high unique shops. They can't be run the same way.

No one considers ANY of that when they are talking devices, hardware, software, cloud, etc.

I just got off the phone with a tech support agent from Symantec about an issue with Backup Exec 2012. He was like, oh just let me remote in. Dude. You are in India. The file I am attempting to restore falls under ITAR regulations. I CAN'T ALLOW YOU TO REMOTE DESKTOP IN.

All I'm asking is that we stop applying a broad brush saying that ALL THE CUSTOMERS AND IT WORLD SHOULD WORK THIS WAY....when one doesn't even understand all the challenges involved across all IT Environments.

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Do you want the companies that make parts for your cars and airplanes to be able to be connected to the Internet to run while making parts? Are you saying that you trust the machine that you are relying to stay in the air at 35,000 to be forced to have to run it's applications and operating system from the Internet...the same Internet that 4chan uses?

Stop saying that "EVERYONE" can migrate to "ALWAYS ONLINE".

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I double dog dare you to step into multiple manufacturing environments. Hey, guess what, Manufacturing does still exist in America, and *shock* we actually make enough money to stay in business. Stop looking at that @$#%#%# thing in your hand and step out into the real world. Come talk to those of us that actually have to support things like a building that has such large voltage drops that the battery backups are nonstop frying up....or making a Dos 6.22 machine try to just find that Windows Server 2008 share to pull it's programs.....

We are trying something as simple (and fun to design) as making the shop floor paperless. NOT AS EASY AS ONE WOULD THINK...when you actually break down where the paper is really at. You can't just take the paper away and shove a tablet in their hands....these guys work in 115 degree heat sometimes, with a layer of metal dust caking their fingers. Some of these guys have been in the business 40 years....and their eyesight isn't exactly capable of reading the dimensions on that drawing of a part that is 7 ft tall, and 5 ft wide on a device that is 5-10" in size.

Heck, I can't even get a mobile device that doesn't require Internet to function. Look at the Google Apps. Just using a Nexus to try to take a picture of that Aerospace part is already, out of the gate a huge no-no. Why? ITAR regulations. The App Dev is in the UK. You are taking a picture of a part that is required by ITAR regulations to not be accessible to persons outside the US. Just by buying that app from the Google Store made you give permission for that App to have access to the camera....which is the Devs....that are located outside the US. Any Google Apps and Devices are already eliminated out of the gate for our use.

The problem is with IT nowadays is that everyone is looking for a niche product to get rich quick off of, and not trying to really solve problems.

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