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Comment Re:Does the job still get done? (Score 1) 688 688

There is currently no autonomous car to buy anywhere. No taxi, truck, bus driver has been replaced so far and no one knows when it will happen and if it will happen at all.

I think you're deluding yourself. The people working on the problem of automated driving (just as one example) aren't going to stop. The technology that enables it; the sensors and algorithms aren't going to cease to be developed. They're going to succeed and whether that's a year from now or ten years from now, it doesn't really matter. And I think the same holds true for the most important technology - some form of AI. It would appear to me that the largest questions of how to develop (even an imperfect, less-than-human-capable) intelligence have been resolved. The only thing remaining is the refinement and distribution of the final product.

Once that takes place, I don't think there will be any stopping the technological, scientific, economic and societal upheaval.

Comment Re:This synopsis (Score 2) 130 130

But don't worry. I'm sure the armchair experts of Slashdot will be along any minute to tell us how this all just a bunch of hype and that the computers are stupid (I'm not disagreeing - for the moment) and AI is at least ten millions years away and will likely NEVER come to pass. Seriously though, I think a large portion of this site's users have their heads in the sand. I don't work in the field, but I am very interested in it and I read a lot of material from a lot of reputable sources. It seems to me that there are some very deep pockets out there treating this as a serious project and are determined to succeed. Personally, I think they will succeed and far sooner than almost everyone will expect. To have a huge impact, AI doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to reason at a human level to be of use or have a noticeable effect on the economy. And once simpler forms of AI arrive, it will advance very rapidly. I think the folks here on Slashdot will be denying the possibility of such a thing right up until the day before they find themselves on the unemployment line. I think we (and our political leaders) should be preparing for a new economy today while there's still time. Otherwise, it'll be a catastrophe for the majority of working people and society at large.

Comment Re:They tried to raise prices 20% unnanounced (Score 1) 392 392

A lady at work the other day didn't seem to know that one could still receive over-the-air broadcasts for television. I wonder how many people don't realize this and are paying for TV that they don't want or need.

Yeah, that's been my experience as well. When my wife and I were just discussing the possibility of ditching pay TV, my mother-in-law couldn't quite grasp the concept of an over-the-air antenna. She grew up with it of course, but she couldn't fathom that it still existed. And we have been pay TV free for a couple of years now!

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