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by babydog (#45956549) Attached to: Engineers: Traffic Studies Use Simulation Software, Not Lane Closings
As the linked-to article indicates, because most districts in VA were Republican, any DMV closings made on the basis of cost and number of customers served had to affect Republicans. For what it's worth, my local non-Republican-serving Arlington DMV office was also closed, and Arlington customers had to go stand in the massive line in Tysons. (I think the story was: immigrants could acquire a VA drivers license without proof of legal residency relatively easily up until a certain point after 9/11. The Tysons office was swamped until that and other things changed.)

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by babydog (#45940023) Attached to: Orbital Becomes Second Private Firm To Send Cargo Craft To ISS
Not really. Orbital is using old rocket motors from the Soviet moon rocket that was cancelled after Apollo 11. There is a limited supply of stockpiled and usable units. The last time it was in the news, Orbital still hadn't come up with a long-term source with which to meet the next NASA contract. SpaceX builds its own rocket engines. The Atlas V is the sole export customer for currently-produced Russian kerosene-fueled engines, and the Delta IV uses presumably expensive LH2 engines. This is all for the first stage.

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