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Comment: Re:Blame sw dev stupidity, not Apple (Score 1) 332

by babydaddy (#15459302) Attached to: Apple Needs To Get Its Game On
Macs are 100% capable of running all the latest games, and doing it well. Hell, these days they are basically a typical x86 machine with a totally ideal OS.
Yeah, but not really. With the advent of Boot Camp, people are now able to install World of Warcraft on both Windows XP and Mac OS X and try it on both platforms. And surprise surprise, Windows wins by a phenomenal margin. Why? Apple's drivers aren't mature and are feature-incomplete. OpenGL has languished and is missing key APIs that game developers need for optimal performance on a cross-platform app. There may be other issues, as well. Slow message passing in the kernel and other issues may be holding up games on OS X. I, too, am a Mac fanboy and I love love love OS X. I haven't had anything but a Mac at home in years and years, but there are some hard realities to face. The G5 front side bus was too slow and the Mac OS wasn't designed for gaming. Hardware and software bottlenecks for the loss. Apple's going to have to do a lot of catchup. According to Blizzard reps, they're quietly doing that, but it's anybody's guess how quickly they'll be successful, if at all. A Mac gaming console? Not for years. It's almost laughable.

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