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The Internet

+ - SPAM: Trans-Pacific Partnership

Submitted by b3gr33n
b3gr33n (1071090) writes "A friend recently asked me if I was concerned about the proposed internet policy agreements being worked out by the Trans-Pacific Partnership. I had to confess I had not heard of this group. He pointed me to articles published by Public Citizen, EFF and a petition at [spam URL stripped].
[spam URL stripped]

Can someone with a deeper understanding of what is being proposed provide greater details? It sounds ominous, but I am reserving judgement until better educated on the topic."

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Comment: and there goes Internet radio (Score 3, Interesting) 512

by b3gr33n (#18222712) Attached to: RIAA's 'Expert' Witness Testimony Now Online
The RIAA lobbyists have been a busy lot. On Friday, they got the Copyright Review Board to grant them a fee based system that will essentially shut down the majority of small Internet Radio stations. Way to go boys. Bring on that corporate commercial media. http://www.radioparadise.com/ http://www.save-internet-radio.com/2007/03/02/save -internet-radio/

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