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Submission + - Amazon's Cloud Exodus?->

itwbennett writes: There are rumblings around this week's OpenStack conference that companies are moving away from AWS, ready to ditch their training wheels and build their own private clouds. Inbound marketing services company HubSpot is the latest to announce that it's shifting workloads off AWS, citing problems with 'zombie servers,' unused servers that the company was paying for. Others that are leaving point to 'business issues,' like tightening the reins on developers who turned to the cloud without permission.
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Comment trends in slashdot comments (Score 1) 468

The average adult (even including adults without slashdot) sends and receives five times more slashdot comments a day than a typical teen. An adult typically sends or receives 50 slashdot comments a day, while the average teen sends or receives 10. Fully 31% of adults send more than 100 slashdot comments a day and 15% send more than 200 a day, while just 8% and 5% of teens send that many, respectively.

Reddit Javascript Exploit Spreading Virally 239

Nithendil writes "guyhersh from describes the situation (warning: title NSFW): Based on what I've seen today, here's what went down. Reddit user Empirical wrote javascript code where if you copied and pasted it into the address bar, you would instantly spam that comment by replying to all the comments on the page and submitting it. Later xssfinder posted a proof of concept where if you hovered over a link, it would automatically run a Javascript. He then got the brilliant idea to combine the two scripts together, tested it and it spread from there."

Comment Re:The riots of 2005 in France we're powered by bl (Score 1) 199

Several thousands moldovans it's like 50% of the country's young people atm. It's like millions in New York.

If you do that, you will lose the survivors too (they will move to Romania, Ucraina or other countries).

Again, if you do that, the elders will still replace you. And you will die in pain.

Silverlight 2.0 Released 164

rfernand79 writes "Via Scott Guthrie's Blog for Microsoft, we find out that Silverlight 2.0 has been released. The blog post notes some interesting statistics, including the magnitude of video streamed during the Olympics and the Democratic National Convention (both using Silverlight). 'Hello Worlds' and educational links are included in the post."

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