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Comment Re:Then there's what they did to Heisenberg (Score 2) 181

Well, in 1952 there was a Conservative government in the UK (the first purely Conservative government since before the war); presumably they could have dropped his prosecution but didn't.

As a side note, Gordon Brown issued an apology in 2009, but David Cameron has ruled out a pardon.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 4, Insightful) 828

The problem is making the transition from a gun owing society to a non-gun owning society. If there are already a ton of guns out there in private hands (as I guess is the case in Venezuela) and you then just take the guns away from those people who follow the law & hand them in, you're going to be left with a lot of guns in the hands of people who don't follow the law. Would there be less homicides if all the guns disappeared magically? Almost certainly. Will there be less homicides if a substantial portion of the population (criminals) keeps their guns and feel that most law abiding citizens are now incapable of defending themselves? I'm not sure.

Comment Re:Amusing, but... (Score 4, Interesting) 185

This is the problem exactly. I can deal with odd formatting from a PG book (though as you say, most are fine); what pisses me off is recent, full price ebooks where there has obviously not been the slightest attempt at editing or typesetting. One I got recently had a consistent problem where quoted text changed font & size after the first paragraph, which is pretty jarring. A full price book on my Nook should be a better experience than PG or scanned & OCR'd pdb were on my old Palm Pilot but sometimes these types of glitches just take you out of the experience & actually seem worse.

The Oatmeal's book "5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth" I luckily got out of the library (through Overdrive) - the images are so small as to be unreadable, both on the PC & ipad. If you look at the Play store, there are lots of good reviews, but they're all from Goodreads & such for the paper version. I'm sure it's funny, if you can read it; if I'd paid money for this pile of bits I'd be pissed. Does the publisher not own an ipad or a Kindle Fire? Did they not load it on one single device & say to themselves, "hmm, this really sucks, let's fix it"?

Comment Re:Blackberry? (Score 4, Informative) 229

But if you're running BES (or the free Professional if you're small), everything is encrypted end to end with your own key. That's why they are so secure; 3rd parties don't have access to your data. In India & Saudi Arabia the government has put taps on the telco provided BES, but they still can't tap your private BES communications if your server is outside.

Comment Re:RSA rocks (Score 2) 282

> Thanks to a South African entrepreneur

No, thanks to an AMERICAN. He immigrated here, accepted citizenship and is now an American.

That really is a big difference between the US & a lot of other countries - you can truly become an American, no matter where you're from. It's not just words, people really do accept immigrants (despite the anti immigrant rhetoric which is so much in the news) in a way that I haven't seen in say, France or the UK. Third generation immigrants still don't seem to be a part of French society; third generation Americans almost always are completely assimilated. When my wife became a citizen, it was pretty moving to see the other people at the ceremony from all over the world being welcomed. It wasn't just typical bureaucratic form filling, it really was an open armed welcome, complete with video welcome from the president.

Comment Re:Expensive (Score 1) 56

Oh, if I were doing this stuff on a regular basis or was taking a class on it, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But I'm just an interested amateur, so I won't be buying it.
It's an interesting question, though, whether or not they would make more money at a lower price by expanding their market beyond those who have to have it to those who'd just like to.

Comment Re:This is good news (Score 1) 345

we've outsourced to Japan and China, they're getting rich selling us shitty cars, while our local auto industry (which used to make quality cars most of which still run after 20, 30, 40 or even 50+ years! Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Leyland, Rover...) has died a death

Were you driving the same British cars the rest of us were? I have a 1970 Norton Commando; the quality of manufacturing on that bike is abysmal, down to the visibly off-center bore on one of the cylinders. That's not to mention the fact that the design was grossly outdated by 1970, but the management was too complacent to spend on a decent drivetrain which wouldn't pour oil out of every seam. There's a reason Honda ate their lunch, and it's not because they were selling crap...

And even today, I know someone with an $80k Range Rover; that POS died (as in, won't run, need a tow truck) on the highway twice in the first 2 years, and another time just poured its coolant all over his driveway for no reason. He still likes it (just like I like my Norton), but it's far from being a quality car. I'd have traded it in on a Land Cruiser after the first breakdown (if I had been silly enough to buy it in the first place, and still wanted an SUV).

Comment Re:Wrist watch is for style, not gadget (Score 1) 466

Yes, the Casio G-Force is the way to go - tough, looks good/geeky, lots of options.

Though if you really want to geek out on watches without spending more than a car costs there are replica communities like where all the various "quality" knock-offs are discussed...

Comment Re:AVG had a problem like this years ago (Score 2) 151

MSE came out in fall 2009, so not quite 3 years ago; IIRC the AVG issue was probably earlier that year and made me start looking around for the best replacement & MSE came out to generally good reviews. I find that MSE with an occasional Malwarebytes scan will keep most people's home machines pretty clear, even people with teenagers...

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