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Draft IETF Standard for SSH Key Management Released 35

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the best-practices dept.
A few months ago, Tatu Ylonen (creator of SSH 1.x) declared that lax key management was hazardous. Now there's work being done on a standard for automated key management. hypnosec sent in the news; quoting Parity News on the content of the draft: "It presents a process that would allow for moving of already issued keys to protected location, removal of unused keys, key rotation, providing rights of what can be done with the keys and establishing an approval process for issue of new keys." There's a non-WG mailing list; the final version of the standard is expected in October.

Comment: Train timetables (Score 1) 66

by b00fhead (#27672239) Attached to: Copyright Decision In Australia Vindicates 3d-Party EPG Provider

Could somebody more legal-savvy than myself please explain what implications this ruling might have for e.g. this problem? Especially since para 28 in the ruling states that:

Copyright does not protect facts or information. Copyright protects the particular form of expression of the information, namely the words, figures and symbols in which the pieces of information are expressed, and the selection and arrangement of that information.

Comment: Re:They are doing it because they are crooks...... (Score 1) 361

by b00fhead (#24008399) Attached to: Beating Comcast's Sandvine On Linux With Iptables

It's not just the ISP's fault, it's everybody's.

No, it is the ISP's fault. I don't advertise $50 solid gold toilet bowls, because I can't supply $50 solid gold toilet bowls. If the ISP can't supply unlimited bandwidth, then the ISP shouldn't advertise unlimited bandwidth.

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