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Comment: Re:Onanism (Score 1) 245

by aztrailerpunk (#42338753) Attached to: UK Pirate Party Forced To Give Up Legal Fight
Both your examples are the same thing. The bank example is theft, You took from my account(an actual loss) and put it in your account. A proper example is a friend of yours likes a cd you have. If your friend goes to a store and walks out the door without paying, this is theft. The store has lost what they paid for. If you make a copy of the cd and give it to him, that's copyright infringement. You still have your cd and now he has one too.

Comment: Re:Exploding pens have been replaced with ads (Score 2) 187

by aztrailerpunk (#41911261) Attached to: James Bond Film <em>Skyfall</em> Inspired By Stuxnet Virus

It's funny, you're still sticking with this argument. We're in the post-piracy era. People have realized that being a self-centered shithead means everyone loses.

I don't expect you'll pick up on that, though. You've made it perfectly clear just how much of a self-centered shithead you are over the last several years.

Post-piracy era? Maybe for music but definitely not for movies. As for being a "self-centered shithead", I believe that piracy is a form of civil disobedience. The mafiaas have paid for laws that have robbed from us and try to artificially enforce their broken business model. The people fight back by not playing by their rules.

Comment: Re:Blizzard Casts Arcane Logic! Customer Is Stunne (Score 5, Funny) 518

by aztrailerpunk (#40527843) Attached to: Linux Users Banned From <em>Diablo III</em> Servers

And they probably (correctly) identify Wine as being not genuine Windows. It's an emulation. And therein lies the problem. Without setting up a highly invasive rootkit like The Warden, Blizzard cannot know if Wine is emulating Windows

Wine Is Not Emulation

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