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Comment: Re:Guess I'll have to use google wallet or paypal (Score 1) 34

I just wish i could get the 7 bitcoins back I lost early on... ran a miner really early on to play with it... didn't get much use, and deleted the software and wallet... if I sold at a peak to USD, would have a bit of cash. I didn't think they'd be as successful as they have. When I see a traditional bank offering exchange rates, I'll convert.

Comment: Re:I PC game, and have zero reason to upgrade (Score 1) 98

by aztracker1 (#47808991) Attached to: AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229
I think that 4K displays will shake things up, once they hit a point where they can support >= 60Hz at 4k, and hdmi2 becomes more common, I think it will be relatively awesome and I'm looking forward to it. Though for my own use (mostly development) 4K is probably sufficient today... been considering a 39-42" 4k screen even at reduced refresh rate for my desktop.

Comment: Re:TCO (Score 1) 158

by aztracker1 (#47548317) Attached to: Valencia Linux School Distro Saves 36 Million Euro
The last time I installed linux... I had only my SSD plugged in... when I connected my other drives everything was fine, then I ran updates a few days later... part of the updates included an update to grub, which after said update would no longer boot. This was a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 a couple years ago. Prior to that, my attempt for linux as my primary desktop OS was in 2006 which resulted in a lot of effort to get both 3D acceleration and multi-monitor support... prior to that, was a regression issue with intel video drivers on a laptop selected for linux back in 2004 (or so) that made it unable to watch youtube videos, or play frozen bubble... Every time I've tried linux as my primary desktop, I hit a level of frustration that is intolerable. I have a Cubox-i4-pro that was doing XBMC chores (for two months) that now won't boot, not sure why... I use linux without a GUI for servers... I am building a new version of the web apps at work targeting node (to run in linux) and find that android works pretty damned well. All of that said, I'll take my macbook or windows desktop over another attempt at using linux for my primary desktop OS... I don't have the free time or patience to deal with edge cases that seem to pile up to unusable solutions. I've tried Linux on the desktop and it failed repeatedly.

Comment: Re: surpising (Score 1) 168

by aztracker1 (#47533661) Attached to: Amazon's Ambitious Bets Pile Up, and Its Losses Swell
I actually appreciate Amazon's approach.. imho a business should either expand/invest or return dividends... I don't like companies that simply bank significant profits or hold onto under-utilized assets for years. Amazon uses its assets. Also, the share price has grown to reflect this overall growth in value, while not specifically paying out dividends... Good for them, this is a very small blip, and you're right, I don't think their phone is the answer.. maybe at a sub $400 out of contract price (in line with the Nexus phones from Google).

Comment: Re:This is just a repeat (Score 1) 282

it's like saying you can't hire anyone because you don't hire anyone who wears glasses, and the only people applying for jobs are people who wear glasses.

It's funny, because (starting with the smokers, which I am not), we are headed in that direction... there's already soft discrimination against smokers and increasingly with fat people. This is going to be increasingly backed under the cost to provide insurance, and will only get worse... those genetically disparaged will eventually feel the same pains.

I'm not meaning to seem like a tinfoil hat type... but I am seeing the trend, and it frankly is upsetting to say the least.

Comment: Re:just curious, why did you choose Android on ARM (Score 1) 69

by aztracker1 (#47374339) Attached to: ARM Launches Juno Reference Platform For 64-bit Android Developers
The problem is that a quad-core ARM isn't 40% as fast as a 6-core Intel, let alone a dual/quad 8-core AMD... Now, you can do some really cool things with ARM, if there were a decent I/O backplane for a cluster it would be awesome, but most can't even get 40mbps of throughput to a network adapter... When there are systems handling hundreds of thousands of requests per second, ARM won't handle that in its' current state, and those that have tried have been so much more expensive than x86 off the shelf, it won't save enough in power over its' lifetime. Doesn't mean it will always be that way... and yeah, I've looked, and it's cool.. but not worth it (yet).

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by aztracker1 (#47054175) Attached to: Chrome 35 Launches With New APIs and JavaScript Features
For the most part the cross browser stuff is pretty straight forward these days, and if you're building a web application (not site) you can limit yourself to modern browsers without too much trouble... depending on your browser feature needs of course. IE11 is decent, 10 isn't bad, and 9 is doable. If you use react, angular or ember as a base, it's as good as most component ui systems. It's still easier than a cross platform codebase for native apps.

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Yes.. I understand that... My meaning is that the li batteries are from scarce resources, and sold in a limited market... More demand means increased prices... Barring improved methods of production or increased competition.. Which for the base materials is unlikely... Prices are likely to go up.

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