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Comment: Re:Rather incomplete quote (Score 2, Insightful) 527

by azterix (#16114515) Attached to: PostgreSQL Slammed by PHP Creator

The contributor of this article should be ashamed of his/herself for the sensationalized, misleading title. And - /. mods - you there? Did you read the article before posting this to the front page? Hardly an accurate depiction.

The presentation that Rasmus gave showed some very, very powerful tools for profiling & improving PHP performance. The MySQL/PostgreSQL comment was barely a footnote on a presentation of tools that deserve the positive attention that Rasmus gave them.

"The web is broken and it is all your fault" comment was completely taken out of context. I took it as a challenge to the majority of web developers out there that are ambivalent to security and practices that represent a challenge to our profession. Anybody hear this thing folks are talking about called 'identity theft'? We as web developers have a responsibility to our customers and end users to protect the data they share with us. Rasmus was presenting to improve awareness of both the technical vulnerabilities as well as tools & techniques to address the problems we face. It's a shame that those messages didn't reach the slashdot community.

Seriously, check out the tools that were the focus of Rasmus's presentation: valgrind, callgrind & kcachegrind - they are amazingly powerful.

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