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Comment: Re:Dying Company Grasping at Straws (Score 1) 167

by aztektum (#45430549) Attached to: Sears To Convert Old Auto Centers Into National Chain of Data Centers

shut down the malls. turn the land into new neighborhoods, with apartments, coffee shops, gyms, parks, gardens, etc.. move the malls into automated warehouses outside the city were autonomous vehicles pick up packages for delivery to the neighborhoods homes and biz

we may not be able to create flying cars, but we can still create some awesome shit. it's a shame we're held back by outdated ideas of what it means to be a valuable person (wage slave) in the servitude of the wealthy.

Comment: Re:progressives (Score 2, Insightful) 668

by aztektum (#45172931) Attached to: A Ray of Hope For Americans and Scientific Literacy?

Ron Paul isn't mystical at all. He's very easy to understand if you look at his policies, effectively to sell everything tax payers have built to the highest bidder, including national parks, other lands, infrastructure... He's a corporation friendly capitalist. He talks big when it comes to free markets and non-coercion, but if you really consider what would unfold should his policies be put into place, sell everything to the rich, he's a just a crazy white old Texan that doesn't give a toss about people that don't have a lot of wealth.

Comment: Re:A Better Reason (Score 1) 530

by aztektum (#44707145) Attached to: How Human Psychology Holds Back Climate Change Action

People like you

Because you know me so well...

Thanks for showing us all how pathetic your religion really is.

You have no idea what I think about climate change.

The point behind my comment was that an anonymous person insisting it's all bad science without offering proof, is not someone anybody should take seriously.

I'm sorry if my humor was too low brow for you. I humbly ask, oh wise one, that you forgive this ignorant pleb for offending you.

Comment: Re:Missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 530

by aztektum (#44702237) Attached to: How Human Psychology Holds Back Climate Change Action

Wrong questions:

A.) What is the societal cost of cataclysmic climate shifts?

B.) If we can stop 50 people from being killed in Chicago, how do we know 50 aren't being killed in a remote desert area?

The answer to A is likely much worse than an answer to 1.

The answer to B and 2 is, just because it may still happen somewhere else where we have no influence doesn't make it a bad idea to take it upon ourselves to act.

Comment: Re:Here's what holds ME back. (Score 1) 530

by aztektum (#44701553) Attached to: How Human Psychology Holds Back Climate Change Action

Oh damn, how dare we who are creating the mess actually take on the burden of mitigating it. How fucking horrible would it be should we have to drive less! THE HUMANITY! THAT AINT FREEDOM!!

No, best we just push the entire screw up onto the next generations. Let them deal with the fallout of our material greed. Yeah, that's the ticket!

The psychology can be summed up pretty easily: I'm too in love with my way of life, I'll be dead by the time things are serious. So fuck it, why bother.

Comment: Re:What right do they have? (Score 1) 88

by aztektum (#44506349) Attached to: HeLa Cell Line Genome Data To Be Published

You seem to have missed the part in your own citation where it says "At the time, permission was neither required nor customarily sought."

Regardless, you've done nothing in this thread but cherrypick details that fit your personal views.

She consented to medical treatment. That is unless you can show someone was holding a gun to her head, since I doubt you were there. In 1951 that was all that was required. Whether you agree with it or not is irrelevant.

Comment: Re:Bush (Score 1) 923

by aztektum (#44450027) Attached to: Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks: Get a Visit From the Feds

Actually, the Founding Fathers did foresee the issues you mention. Jefferson wrote of fears of aristocracy and corporate power getting in the way of democracy. Maybe not on the scale we see now, but it was definitely a concern.

Unfortunately the rest of the Founding Fathers were the wealthy aristocracy of the day. John Adam's wrote about the role of government being to protect the property of the ownership class (paraphrasing).

It's never mentioned in our public school, where we're primarily fed propaganda about how the Founders were these wise and altruistic creatures that were concerned about freedom for all. While enshrining the right to vote solely in the hands of wealthy, white land owners (ie., them).

Comment: Re:Oh Please (Score 2, Funny) 256

by aztektum (#44418579) Attached to: Monogamy May Have Evolved To Prevent Infanticide

Oh, anonymous person on the Internet is such a big tough man. Catch a whiff of that musky manliness. But only a whiff! For should you inhale too deeply, the raw might of their being may overwhelm your soul!

Listen, everyone! You should accept how this person chooses to address YOU. The Cat has obviously shown his superior intellect and grasp of reality. Do not let the display of raw emotion intimidate you. Instead, be in awe of such power unleashed.

This stunning specimen of human perfection deserves... NAY, DEMANDS ... your respect and attention. And you will give it to them. For they are... The Cat.

1 Sagan = Billions & Billions