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Comment What about cookie warnings? (Score 1) 427

While I don't mind cookies that much I do mind the retarded EU-mandated cookie-warnings that keep popping on every site possible, Fortunately there is an addon for that too!
I don't care about cookies 2.5.3
Available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and some other less popular browsers (no version for IE).

Comment Re:Nah. (Score 1) 335

Why would you want a VM with only a single process?

Exactly. There is no point in running a full blown OS just to virtualize a single app or process. Linux has an option for that, and it's called LXC (Linux Containers). Old Unices have that too: Solaris - Zone/Container AIX - WPAR HP-UX - vPar

Comment We have some Sci-Fi in Poland... (Score 1) 295

We already have Sci-Fi works on the supplementary lectures list for Junior High School students in Poland - Stanislaw Lem's "The Cyberiad" and "Mortal Engines" (polish: Bajki Robotów). Some years ago other books by Lem were on the supplementary lectures list for the last classes of primary schools - "Tales of Pirx the pilot" and "Solaris".

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