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Comment: Re:Science works (Score 1) 434

by azhitsky (#43959439) Attached to: Fear of Death Makes People Into Believers (of Science)

Any scientist has got to believe in measuring boundary conditions, math axioms, deduction and the law of large numbers. However, there are other successful systems of belief. Those are not anywhere near to Science in explaining how the world works, but they may succeed better than Science in keeping one at peace with the world and with the unavoidably terminal presence of individual in it.

I regret that Science has a considerable amount of arrogance towards the issue of individual’s purpose in the Universe. Yet, the scientific way of dealing with the reality is the best we have got, IMHO.

Comment: Re:It's a fact (Score 1) 272

by azhitsky (#39675377) Attached to: US Judge Rules Against German Microsoft Injunction
Thank you for a good attempt to give justice to the Soviet's role in defeating Nazis. One concern, though. We have been taught in school that the second front was requested in 1942, but opened only in 1944 when it became obvious that Nazis would not break the Soviets. Apparently, Roosevelt was ready to act before Churchill. Also, the supplies to Soviets have played a critical role even before the second front was opened. Eventually, it is good that Allies joined, because otherwise the whole of Europe would become a Soviet territory, just like it happened to Eastern European countries. There would be no Marshall Plan, and Russian language would be taught in every school...

Comment: Re:Meh (Score 1) 969

by azhitsky (#39401219) Attached to: Bring Back the 40-Hour Work Week
Such complex phenomenon as "socialism" cannot be catpured in a single word. When people in U.S. speak of "socialism", it is only too easy to dismiss them. Just like in Russia it is all too easy to dismiss those speaking of "democracy". People in power play out on populist notions, while in fact both societies evolve along similar trajectories. It is all about propaganda, my friends.

Comment: Re:Uh, what makes you think Apple cares... (Score 1) 340

by azhitsky (#36855524) Attached to: Will Apple's Lion Roar For Business?
Yes, but many of those consumers work in companies. They ask their IT departments to get access to the corporate applications, and the IT departments cannot allow that for Apple makes it hard to have any level of security on their devices. It results in a tough challenge for IT departments which Apple does not do much to help resolving. The end effect is more frustration between corporate users and IT, and more opportunities for hackers. It would make life easier for those corporate consumers if Apple cared. Now, of course that's just one segment of consumers. I just hope they get more vocal.

Comment: Segway hate?? Rather Segway admiration! (Score 2, Interesting) 487

by azhitsky (#28925007) Attached to: A Hypothesis On Segway Hate
Recently my company rented Segway ride as entertainment for the team. We drove through parks at lakeside of Chicago downtown. People who saw us reacted very positively. Some would take photo of us and with us. I may add that the experience was somewhat philosophical: Segway enabled me to move without realizing how I control it, as if I was controlling it by pure will. A highly recommended novel experience!

Comment: Re:Sorry, No. (Score 1) 799

by azhitsky (#28701021) Attached to: Tomorrow's Science Heroes?
On Science = "I can show/demonstrate/repeat" -- that is only true to an extent of both observers agreeing on what they observe. In other words, to be a scientist one need to BELIEVE in the scientific method and be committed to the Realism. It is undeniable that Science is much more successful in studying Nature than Religion, yet many may argue that the kind of knowledge Science ends up with is utterly devoid of purpose other than the knowledge itself. The truly successful sciences of the future will have to explain phenomenon of Life, Consciousness, and people's fascination with Religion.

Each honest calling, each walk of life, has its own elite, its own aristocracy based on excellence of performance. -- James Bryant Conant