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Comment: "Google" to send this info or Google pretenders? (Score 1) 58

by azdio (#29745667) Attached to: Google To Send Detailed Info About Hacked Web Sites

Phishing types are already preparing false communications and false sites with such warnings "from google". There are certainly many mechanisms in existence to help authenticate that a communication is actually from google. Hopefully the use of such mechanisms is clever enough to avoid more contamination.

Comment: CommuniGate Pro is very good for this request (Score 1) 360

by azdio (#27490729) Attached to: Internal Instant Messaging Client / Server Combo?

CommuniGate Pro is not FOSS and my opinion is biased as I have business interest in this platform. However I do believe it is the best solution to this problem and many others despite not being "Free". It is available on most any platform you would want to run it on, supports Linux (not just specific distros) and has implemented enough RFCs to be regarded as a comprehensive communications operating system. The Flash client "Pronto!" has IM auto-archive. There is a PKI built in permitting the actual storage of the archives to be automatically encrypted by the rules engine on the storage device.

Full Documentation

Jabber Server

Stored message encryption

Pronto! Flash client

Live Demo (use sign-up link to get a full running demo account)

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