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Comment: Re:Why do people listen to her? (Score 5, Informative) 582

by azav (#46747227) Attached to: Jenny McCarthy: "I Am Not Anti-Vaccine'"

The problem is herd immunity.

If those people are within our "herd" and one of their kids gets infected with ebola-marburg-plague-mumps-pox, then they become a disease transmission vector to the rest of the herd.

And in that case, everyone who comes in contact with them becomes exposed to it and those who have not yet been immunized against ebola-marburg-plague-mumps-pox, run the risk of getting infected.

Now, if that was polio, you get crippled and paralyzed.
If that was mumps, there is no treatment, you suffer and hopefully don't get an additional disease (30% testicular atrophy).
If that was measles, you get a 4 day whole body rash and a fever up to 104F (40C)
If that was rubella, it's similar to measles, but slightly less severe.
If that was varicella, well that's chicken pox and we mostly know what fun that's like. Plus possible scarring for life if the pix is severe + shingles later on in life.

We all know what little disease transmission factories kinder gardens are.

The parent who doesn't vaccinate their kids exposes everyone's kids (and their parents) to infection.

+ - Ultra-Fast Electrical Circuits Using Light Could Revolutionise Processor Speeds->

Submitted by concertina226
concertina226 (2447056) writes "Scientists at the National University of Singapore and A*Star have demonstrated a super-fast electrical circuit which operates at frequencies of hundreds of terahertz — tens of thousands times faster than the microprocessors we have today.

Light operates at extremely high frequencies of 100 terahertz. Photonics (the science of light) is used to carry data across optical fibre cables but these ultra-fast properties do not work with the state-of-the-art nano-scale microprocessor chips we have, which can only reach very small length scales.

It has long been known that it is possible for light to be captured when it interacts with certain types of metal, in the form of plasmons – ultra-fast oscillations of electrons which can be manipulated at the nanoscale.

In 2012, A*Star scientists theorised that it would be possible to create an electrical circuit that made use of quantum plasmonic tunnelling, and their theory has finally been proved."

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by azav (#46683059) Attached to: Why Are We Made of Matter?

1. What if - on the event horizon of black holes - when particles and antiparticles are created, only the antiparticles are sucked into the black holes and the particles (matter) is able to escape the event horizon?

Over time, (a crapload of time), there will be a surplus of particles in the universe.

2. Also, we can only see the universe as far as light has traveled to us since the universe started.

We don't really know its extent. What if antimatter and matter are compartmentalized in different regions of the universe, with only a smattering of "the other" in areas where one is prevalent?

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